PC Locking after 3 or 4 mins

  Rostyn 10:03 18 Dec 2004

I am having some major problems with my PC. It is locking after3 or 4 mins, All that on top of the fact that it reboots its self 3 or 4 times first !!! I do have the A virus guard but the PC would stay stable long enough to run it. Can anyone help me before I reload windows 2000 (For a second time!!!)

  Gongoozler 10:13 18 Dec 2004

When your computer reboots itself, is that before or after the POST beep?

  spanneress 10:15 18 Dec 2004

Can you boot into safe mode? Load msconfig - you will have to download it as it is not built in with 2k - and run it in safe mode. Try disabling your AV - if that makes a difference, take it off and try an alternative - plenty of free good ones out there.

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