PC line CD Labels

  swapper 08:31 26 May 2005

I have been given 4 packs of "PC line White CD labels"
I am using Media Face for my covers at the moment, and have tried Nero cover designer, but niether will accommodate "PC line" as far as I can see.
can anyone recommend a suitable lable printer programme for this paper please, something that can be used easily?.


  jack 08:37 26 May 2005

I assume the lables are the standard two to an A4 sheet, with the lable disc offet to left when held up,as this is the 'standard'
If so please explain what it is you cannot achieve with the lable printing programs.
What printer are you using also, would be useful info.

  swapper 20:09 26 May 2005

jack, I'm using an Epson R200, and Media Face v4.01.

when I import my picture to it, I cannot get it (the picture) in the correct position on the page, which as you say are offset.

I have checked the calibration setting, but this does not seem to be as accurate as the earlier version of media face, or am I missing something?

  pj123 20:28 26 May 2005

Try this Label printing programme which has almost every label template available. I use it all the time and find that the offset lables are usually printed perfectly with the Pressit A4 template, alternatively, if that doesn't line up then try the Stomper A4 template.

The programme is called Discus and can be ordered from click here

Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded as it is too big (about 800mbs) but once ordered it takes about 10 days arrive. There is a downloadable trial on the website but doesn't contain nearly enough templates (there are over a 1000 backgrounds) to assess it properly, but believe me, it is the best CD/DVD labelling software that I have seen. Although the trial version will print labels it superimposes a watermark "DEMO" on all labels.

  swapper 20:57 26 May 2005

pj123, thanks for that, I will have a look :-)

  brambles 21:48 26 May 2005

Recommend phone Avery & ask for a copy of Avery Media Software


  pj123 23:01 26 May 2005

swapper, do give it a go. Here are some of the reviews.

click here

$39 at today's exchange rate comes out at £21.

For a programme of this quality that is a small price to pay.

  jack 08:28 27 May 2005

There many lable printng programs out there possubly for free - a Google will reveal all.
I use exPreessIt Lite from Dysan, who do CD lables and labelling devices- though nowdays the labels I use are who ever sells 'em cheapest. the Template is the same.

  swapper 08:29 27 May 2005

brambles, why Avery?
pj123, I need to watch funds (oap) but as a last resort I will do this.
Thanks both.

  brambles 13:29 27 May 2005

I'm a Senior Citizen too thats why I recommended Avery anyway they are very helpful & free phone number is 0800805020


  pj123 13:49 27 May 2005

The only problem with Avery (free or not) is they don't have any "offset" label templates. They are all one above the other in the middle of the page. Pressit and Stomper do have "offset" templates.

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