PC & laptop can get Internet but not each other

  goffin 18:41 04 Oct 2006

I am sure this has been dealt with before so I apologise.

Both my desktop & laptop can access internet via wireless router but I can't get the two to see each other.

I have been through the network wizard, etc but no joy. I am using BT 1800HG (from Net2wire) and Norton firewall.

I would be grateful for any help on this 'cause it's doing my head in!

  ade.h 20:16 04 Oct 2006

Sounds like you need to configure the Norton firewall if you haven't already done so.

  upzidedown 15:00 07 Oct 2006

From Upzidedown.
Sorry if this one has been cracked before.
I am no expert but I would like some help. This is my last resort by the way, having tried various experts in stores and, sad to say the well know book written for Dummies. I have 2 desktop PCs, both Dell/WinXP and both getting the internet OK via a 3com wireless router.

Problem: File sharing. It would seem that both PCs are unable to see each other, (that's what I think anyway). The host can ping the router, itself and the client. The client can ping the router and the host but not itself...That's if it does need to ping itself. When security is enabled on the router the client goes off-line but the host is OK. Both are in the same name workgroup and both have their own names and use the same SSID and are using the same WEP key. When firing up the client, it was giving the message, 'network cable unplugged', but there's never been a cable. I've disabled the client LAN to silence the message, which just leaves it with the Belkin wireless adapter. Taking down both firewalls makes no difference.
Any help would be very much appreciated...

  ade.h 15:38 07 Oct 2006

Please don't hijack someone else's thread.

  goffin 18:55 08 Oct 2006

thanks Ade but still no joy.

is there somewhere where there is a step-by-step description of how to sort out a wireless network as I seem to be floating aimlessly just trying anything and everything without any real understanding of what I am doing (wrong!)

  recap 16:02 09 Oct 2006

Norton firewall is configured to accept both machines I take it?

Have you disabled Windows Firewall, this may be causing a conflict as you are running Norton.

Both machines should be in a workgroup with unique names (i.e mymachine1 & mymachine2). Their IP addresses should be something as follows: &

Create a share on your main pc, this is to enable the other to see it.

  Strawballs 10:04 10 Oct 2006

Try turning off Norton firewall then check that windows firewall is off through control panel and try again if this works then you will know that it is firewall related.

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