PC kept restarting after game download install

  mrwoowoo 16:05 26 Jul 2012

I know this involves a game, but as my question is a general one i've posted it here. I downloaded T.R underworld from Steam. After installing it my PC kept restarting when playing Tiger woods although T.R was ok. Then that started causing restarts too. Then when i wasn't even playing games. Sometimes restating 4 or 5 times before even reaching the welcome screen. Safe mode was the same. I updated my graphics driver which made no difference. I have now uninstalled it and all is fine. I can't see it being hardware as it's ok now and runs BF3 annd Max payne 3 on high settings which are newer games. As regards a software problem. I thought that by running in safe mode, if it was soft ware related it shouldn't restart? (or am i wrong) Could it be a direct x prob? Although dx diag showed no problems. Or perhaps a corrupted file caused by pausing the download? Although Steam allows you to do this. Just trying to prepare myself for reinstalling it as i loathe to waste £6.00 (O:!

  KRONOS the First 16:59 26 Jul 2012

Without downloading the game completely go to the the games Properties-Local Files-Verify integrity of game cache and see if that helps.

Whilst I certainly do not doubt you I have TR Underworld and did not have any problems on a Windows 7 64BIT.But in regards to DX sometimes it is necessary to have an older version for some games, you will find these in the games Steam folder.

Have you checked Event Viewer? and see what it says there, I know most of what is there can be tricky to fathom out but you might get a clue.

  mrwoowoo 16:10 27 Jul 2012

I did check the event viewer at the time which logged "power-kernel 61". Basically meaning the PSU lost power. As restarts give this log message it doesn't tell you much. Could be RAM,PSU, dust in slots or hard drive. The game did install DX9 so it has the right version, although may be corrupted. Going to re install when i finish 12 hour nights without using Steam. And will use files from a disc so that i know they aren't corrupted. Thanks for your input. I will let you know.

  mrwoowoo 22:31 28 Jul 2012

Re installed T.R.U with DVD disc files, and it's now working ok. Must have been a corrupted file or files in the download. Thanks chronus.

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