PC keeps switching off

  griffo 10:28 18 Oct 2008

I am running another thread on this problem but hope that this might progress things.

I cannot stop the PC restarting itself for long enough to attempt any repair. Whether trying to boot from CD or not or into safe mode etc., it gets part way into whichever mode I'm trying, then restarts again, so I cannot make any progress.

Any suggestions please? Can I run a windows repair with this HD linked to another PC?

  daxian 11:27 18 Oct 2008

hi griffo....
if the pc keeps restarting then it may be a hardware fault.....
can you get into the bios setup screen and does the pc stay on while in there????? (most pc's use the delete key to access this screen )if the pc stays on while at the setup screen that will rule out a few problems....try it and let us know.......Dave.

  griffo 11:28 18 Oct 2008

I have been assuming it's a corrupted registry or somesuch but is it possible that it's some other hardware problem causing the constant reboot attempts?

  griffo 11:34 18 Oct 2008

Hi Dave, our posts must have crossed. No it won't stay on whilst in the setup screen either. In fact the frequency with which it's re-powering seems to be increasing, it won't stay in a boot cycle for more than a few seconds now!

  griffo 11:59 18 Oct 2008

Have tried a new CMOS battery and another PSU - no change.

  Jim_F 12:05 18 Oct 2008

From my experience the odds are on a failing power supply but its worth disconnecting drives and other devices in rotation to see if any of these are pulling the machine down. Reducing the load may also give you a short period of grace.

You could also try resetting bios to default values or doing a CMOS reset - a long shot but worth trying as it costs nothing !

Another longer shot is memory - if you have two sticks try each in turn.

A final suggestion with an unstable machine is to set it to boot from a CD or DVD like the Windows install disk as the system instability could corrupt whats on the hard disk.

I hope this helps,


  Jim_F 12:15 18 Oct 2008

Hi griffo - you are eliminating options faster than I can type but I would suggest trying to boot from CD without the hard-drive.

I'd also check that the CPU cooler/heatsink is securely mounted.

  daxian 12:27 18 Oct 2008

hi again ...if it wont stay on the bios screen then the chances are its a serious overheat problem.
(having tried a different psu ,which would have been my first suggestion)check the fan (is working) and heatsink on the cpu (it may be clogged with dust).
fan normally has four screws into the vanes of the heatsink,this can be removed to allow access to the vanes of the heat sink ,(i use a paintbrush to clear the dust ) some motherboards have a fan on other chips ,if any ,check these also.Dave

  griffo 12:34 18 Oct 2008

Hi Jim,

have tried disconnecting the ide cable from the HD (and the power cable) to try booting from CD but it still keeps recycling.

  griffo 12:42 18 Oct 2008

tried to disconnect the heatsink but it all came off the processor chip, so I'll need to clean it all off and renew the paste (think I've got some somewhere). Can I use CD cleaning fluid to remove the old paste?

  daxian 12:51 18 Oct 2008

hi griffo....may well be the root of your problem .
i prefer not to use any solvent on the cpu core, just
wipe clean with paper towel ,you can use it on the heatsink ....while its off give a good blow thru to remove any build up of dust....Dave

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