PC keeps shutting itself down ...help!!!!

  lister110 21:12 06 Jan 2007

My PC has been turning itself off every now and then and its driving me mad! I have taken the machine apart and tried to clean any dust in the machine! I have sometimes plug it back in and it doesnt always turn on straight away. I was wondering if it was anything to do with my Fans of motherboard as the machine was built by a friend for me a while ago and Im not sure he done a very good job..

I have checked for maleware and spyware and costantly defrag and tidy the machine on a weekly basis.

Sometimes I wont be doing anything on the PC and it just shuts down and refuses to turn on straight away.

I have downloaded everest and was wondering if anyone could help track the problem! Also I have downloaded SpeedFan but Im unsure what Im ment to be looking for as I havent much experience with PC's!

Please if anyone could help I would be forever gratefull



  SANTOS7 21:17 06 Jan 2007

Points to the PSU, you might want to try another even if its only for process of elimination...

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:27 06 Jan 2007

just a thought have you checked your power settings in control panel>power options

  lister110 22:04 06 Jan 2007

I think this mabe the problem. Sometime If it shuts down it doesnt always turn on straight away. I have check inside the pc and looked at the PSU. The fans seems to running fine.. here is the description on the side of the box:

Delta Electronics
Model DPS 350PB-2x REV
input: 230v / 5A
47hz-63Hz S/N xxxxxxxxxxx
Output +12v / 18A, -12v / 0.8A
MaxPower +5v / 30A, +5vsb / 2.0A
350W +3.3v / 28A, -5v / 0.3A

+5v & + 3.3V Total output cannot exceed 340W
-5v & + -12V Total output cannot exceed 0.8A

thaks for your help so far..


  SANTOS7 22:20 06 Jan 2007

click here
350W is entry level for most PCs now so if you do need to buy one go for 450/500W the link has detailed instructions for fitting a new one..

  jay.p 00:08 07 Jan 2007

try this to enable error messages when it crashes.this should be able to tell you what the problem is.
my computer > properties > advanced > start up and recovery > settings .
under system failure untick automatic restart.
memory errors are = blue screen stop errors.
or irql-not-less-or-equal,
or page-error-in-nopn-paged-area or bad-pool-caller

  lister110 00:19 07 Jan 2007

right..I have unticked the

System failure:
Automatically restart

what happens if the machine shutsdown then?

thanks for your help...

  SANTOS7 00:24 07 Jan 2007

will be a case of if your PC decides to shut down again instaed of turning itself off it should generate an error message which may determine what is wrong with it..

  lister110 00:34 07 Jan 2007

--------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
Homepage click here
Report Type Quick Report
Computer AIRXL (RobsPC)
Generator rob
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
Date 2007-01-07
Time 00:28

--------[ Sensor ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sensor Properties:
Sensor Type Winbond W83627THF (ISA 290h)

Motherboard 66 °C (151 °F)
Hitachi HDS722516VLAT80 43 °C (109 °F)
Seagate ST380011A 46 °C (115 °F)

Cooling Fans:
CPU 2755 RPM

Voltage Values:
CPU Core 1.28 V
Aux 3.31 V
+3.3 V 3.06 V
+5 V 4.97 V
+12 V 2.37 V
+5 V Standby 4.95 V
VBAT Battery 3.23 V
Debug Info F F5 FF FF
Debug Info T 66 127 222
Debug Info V 78 CF BF B9 25 98 20 (01)

--------[ Debug - PCI ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  SANTOS7 00:55 07 Jan 2007

This might need confirming by someone else but at first glance it may be you have AIRFLOW problems (PC getting to HOT) compared to a report i have just done on my PC to make some sort of comparison your CPU fan is slow and your MOBO temp is high might want to investigate those first some housekeeping may be in order (cleaning dust from heatsink) and maybe (Cheap option first) change CPU fan...

  SANTOS7 00:57 07 Jan 2007

Lister110 me old coconut, got to go but will look in tomorrow, see how your doin..

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