PC keeps shutting down, help please!

  slashersaw 14:52 28 May 2009

Hello, i'm new to this forum and i'm in a panic mode. I'm no pc pro at all and i need help, here's my story.

Since maybe 2 weeks my pc started to shut down by itself from time to time. And now it's worst than ever. A friend of mine told me it might be a virus or my pc is overheating. So i vaccum the entries where i could because it was all dusty. He told me to download Avira Anti-virus, Threat Fire and Spy Doctor. The thing is, Avira takes forever to finish scanning, i never was able to completely scan my computer because it keeps shutting down. I was able to run CCleaner from beginning to end. Since 3 days it's worst than ever. I don't know what to do and would really appreciate the help from a pc genius. I'm able to type this message right now because i'm on my MAC.

From the small openings on my pc, i was able to see that the inside of it is very dusty. Is it possible to me to open it and clean it?

  Technotiger 14:59 28 May 2009

Yes it would appear to be overheating - if you have never been 'inside' a PC before I would get a friend with a bit of knowledge to do it for you. The case needs to be opened up and all the dirt and dust cleaned out, especially around all the fan blades, grills and CPU, not forgetting the grills on the PSU.

If all this is a bit over your head, try and find a friend to do it. Not really worth taking to a PC shop just for cleaning.

  Technotiger 15:01 28 May 2009

BTW - Welcome to the best Forum on the Net ... if you want to have a go for yourself, let us know and we can guide you.

  slashersaw 15:05 28 May 2009

Thanks for the support. What about viruses? Is it possible ? Yesterday i cleanse a little bit with the vaccum trough the small holes of the fan. It did get a little dust but not much of it. I would like to try and open it myself but would need some guidance. all i want is to clean the dust from inside.

When i was trying to scan the pc, it did found trojans and viruses. Thing is, i can't delete them because the scan can't be completed because of the pc shuts down all the time.

  slashersaw 15:14 28 May 2009

Another thing, since that last 2 weeks it came to my attention that the pc screen seems different, as if every icons,writings are like shadowy, like if you would've drag them to the left a little leaving a blurry trace.

  Technotiger 15:17 28 May 2009

First thing, Shut down PC and Switch off at back of case - switch is usually very near the top at the back.

click here

After PC has been thoroughly cleaned, we can then advise about PC Security-viruses etc.

  slashersaw 15:20 28 May 2009

Ok, is it difficult to open? Like i only have to unscrewed it, lift the top and take the dust out?

  Technotiger 15:22 28 May 2009

Usually very easy to open, just a couple of screws - can you tell us what make model etc or anything else about the computer?

  slashersaw 15:34 28 May 2009

it's a Cicero, it says it's model is DQ133-B1,CSA model S1. There'S a sticker of Pentium 4 on it.

  slashersaw 15:46 28 May 2009

I took the screws from behind but don't know how to open it.

  tullie 15:53 28 May 2009

Maybe its the side that slides off

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