PC Keeps shutting Down

  kat64 17:29 11 Aug 2008

Hi, Can anyone suggest why my PC keeps powering down. about every half hour or so it shuts down and in order to get it to power up again I have to turn off the switch on the PSU for a while and then switch it back on and then press the start button. I have tried changing the PSU for one that I had spare but it made no difference.
I Run XP pro. with sp2.
Mobo = VIA K7VM2
Processor =AMD Athlon XP2400+
Memory = 480Mb RAM
If anyone can suggest where I should look for the problem I would be grateful.
Kind Regards

  Ditch999 17:46 11 Aug 2008

Temperature problem? Run HWMonitor click here and check your temps and voltages.

  birdface 17:53 11 Aug 2008

Or check your air vents are clear of dust and fluff.if so inside your computer will need cleaning as well.

  kat64 22:08 11 Aug 2008

Buteman, I have thoroughly cleaned out my pc and made sure all fans etc are clean.
Didtch999, This is the readings i got does this tell you anything ?

+5v= 5.11v...5.08v...5.11v
TMPIN0=60...59...60 Deg
Do you see anything here that would cause my PC to keep shutting down


  RobCharles1981 22:13 11 Aug 2008

Check for Spyware and viruses using your Spywareware and Antivirus.

What do you have installed??

  kat64 01:04 12 Aug 2008

Hi Rob, I have AVG 8 installed and spyware terminator. I will go through everything that I have installed and get rid of a lot that I dont use. Try and use a process of elimination, Well it worked for Sherlock Holmes.
Kind regards

  kelemvor 07:48 12 Aug 2008

Hey Mart,

Have you tried checking your RAM - swap out a module and see if the other one works (I assume your using more that one stick).

Also, what PSUs have you used? are they both the same spec?

So far the only obvious answer we can come up with here is temperature, but you may have to try going through each piece of h/ware that you have installed to see if there's a problem with any of them. Will see what else we can come up with in the mean time - see u later


  sinbads 08:33 12 Aug 2008

I would add more ram as your computer is using 480MB ticking over

  Ditch999 12:42 12 Aug 2008

Re voltages and temps

Your +3.3v is outside fault tolerance

Your CPU temp is 60C (is this at idle?) which is slightly high (but those chips run hot) and if you have your BIOS set to shut down at 70C then that may be causing the problem. Check in the BIOS (hit DEL as PC starts) and look for System Hardware Monitor on the Advanced tab and see if there is a setting to shut down if the CPU reaches a certain temperature.

  kat64 21:16 12 Aug 2008

Ditch999, Idid what you suggested but it had no such setting for shutting down when the temp. rose.
I took the fan off the CPU and underneath the Heat sink was chockablock with muck. I thought i kept a clean pc but this was where i couldnt get before. I clean it all out and reassembled the heatsink and fan and guess what it has been running great for 2 hours. the CPU Temp is down from 60 to 52 degrees and the fan is running at 3879rpm now as opposed to 3590 before.
I have had this problem for over 6 months and thanks to your help It seems fixed now.
Many many thanks for your help.
Kind Regards

  Ditch999 22:02 12 Aug 2008

Hope you cleaned the heatsink and CPU properly and re-applied thermal paste!

Glad its sorted, especially with this heatwave we're having!!! LOL

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