****Pc keeps Restarting!****

  bigdamouk 17:20 28 Jan 2003

My PC has suddenly taken it upon its self to restart on a frequent basis, there has been nothing new added to the pc apart from Broadband a week ago but thats workin fine......it first started when i tried uploading my website via ftp.
It doesnt give me any warning just restarts.
I have an Athlon 1.3, 384Mb sdram, 40 gig hdd, geforce 3ti200. Nothing like this has happened before so i am stumped as to the cause?

  Elrond 17:21 28 Jan 2003

Sometimes random restarts can be due to the PSU on its way out.

  Newuser38 18:26 28 Jan 2003

Try this link and the one given when you open it they may help if you are using XP click here

  jediknight007 20:33 28 Jan 2003

What's your PSU? Maybe with all those power hungry components in your PC, you will need at least a 350W PSU, maybe even a 400W if you are planning to upgrade soon.

  bigdamouk 20:36 28 Jan 2003

im pretty sure its only a 300w psu......but this has only started in the past 36 hours......ive had these components from new?

  Clonetrooper 21:28 28 Jan 2003

I am getting the same problem.
I disabled the Automatic restart and a blue screen stop error starting:
0x00000024 ( then a load of numbers.

I have a digital picture of the screeen.

Where on the micosoft website can one look up the error message or can one e mail the picture to MS for help?

  Ironman556 21:32 28 Jan 2003

I've been told that heat can make a PC restart... Have any cards been added for the broad band which could be overheating the computer, and are they fitted securely?

  shermenator 21:35 28 Jan 2003

have a look at my thread. had loads of trouble with it! turns out it was a hardware fault. hdd in my case

click here

  Clonetrooper 21:44 28 Jan 2003

Yeah I've read those threads.

Error message is 0x00000024
CLASSPNP.SYS Address F885C84 base at F8855000
Datestamp 3d6de49a

  Timeforabeer 21:47 28 Jan 2003

Hi..I had a similar problem after installing some software (can't remember what now). Ended up formatting and re-installing everything.

  bigdamouk 23:22 28 Jan 2003

thanks guys
i think ill take timeforabeer up on his advice.....i was thinking of a reformat anyway..just getting to cluttered up with lots of junk now!......think i might upgrade from ME to XP....Hmmmmmmm?!

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