pc keeps rebooting and will not load!!

  shadow_v 17:57 12 Mar 2004

hi, i rebooted my pc last night, did not install nething new, but now it shows bios data then post loading screen and then restarts. ne1 got ne ideas?

  Indigo 1 18:17 12 Mar 2004

Check the Floppy Drive for discs also the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and DVD/CD-RW for discs.

  shadow_v 18:23 12 Mar 2004

i checked, i have no disc in floppy drive or cd in drive?!? :$

  Indigo 1 18:52 12 Mar 2004

OK that's the first obvious check out of the way, the next one would be to make sure that the CPU fan is working OK and that the CPU heatsink has not come off ( unlikely I know but you still need to check ).

  shadow_v 19:07 12 Mar 2004

its working fine

  anon1 19:09 12 Mar 2004

Next thing is to post some system info at the very least what OS

  shadow_v 19:12 12 Mar 2004

win xp, runnin off athlonxp 1600,

  anon1 19:16 12 Mar 2004

Ok how much memory? If you have more than 1 ram stick try removing one and see if it clears if not swap them and see if that does it. You may have a bad ram stick

  anon1 19:21 12 Mar 2004

What antivirus do you use? Is it up to date?
Have you checked for the Blaster worm virus? You might also check for the rpc exploit (if you are not fully patched) (unlikely to be the problem but another possible)

  shadow_v 19:25 12 Mar 2004

i have 1 ram stick, 256mb
and i have latest virus check running

  anon1 19:28 12 Mar 2004

I would suggest (asuming no virus) you get hold of some more ram and try it. It is very cheap these days and if you got 256 at least you could double your ram if that is not the fault. ( I would heavily supect the ram)

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