pc keeps rebooting, possible overheating problem

  coreywhite 19:06 23 May 2014

Ok so lately my pc has been making a loud noise (sounds like a fan) then the pc would try and reboot but stop at the start making me have to turn off my pc and back on again. I thought it could be due to overheating but after reviewing my temperatures im certain its not any of my components (gpu, cpu ect). Every time it does this i touch the back top of my case where my power supply is and its been generally hot, hotter than it should be considering allot of the times ive been browsing the web when this occurs. So im thinking my psu is overheating? what do you think?

My pc specs: Motherboard - MSI 760GM -p21(fx) Cpu - Amd fx-4100 quadcore 3.6ghz gpu - nvidea geforce gtx750 ti ram - 8gb duel channel ddr3 Os - windows 7 ultimate 64-bit PSU - ACE 650w br black

  rdave13 19:13 23 May 2014

When was the case last opened and the dust carefully removed? I do mine about every 4 to 5 months.

  coreywhite 19:18 23 May 2014

Lately ive had the side panel off, and ive got some dust out but i dont have any compressed air to use to carefully clean out all the nooks and crannies but most dust is removed.

  rdave13 19:23 23 May 2014

Don't tell anyone but I use an artist's smallish brush to remove the dust from the CPU cooler fins and any other 'difficult to get to' (especially the GPU) places while holding a vacuum cleaner nozzle nearby. I suppose it's not recommended but I've been doing it carefully for many years.

  coreywhite 19:28 23 May 2014

Haha, ive cleaned my cpu not long ago and my gpu is fairly new and the temps for them are fine, same with everything. Ive tested with speccy, speedfan, HWmoniter and my temps are good. Im just worried its my psu causing the problem as its Hot everytime my pc reboots. Also not to mention its a very cheap psu

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 23 May 2014

I'm with rdave13 on this but pinch daughters make up brushes instead of artists brush and a nice scraper to clear the gunk off the fan blades.


Don't forget to lift the Fan off the cooler as there will be a layer of fluff there which will case problems.

Once certain that all is clean then yes it could be the PSU.

  rdave13 20:11 23 May 2014

Cheap PSU isn't good. Change it as 'soon as' is my opinion be it ever so humble.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ , pinch daughters make up brushes , now why didn't I think of that.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:17 23 May 2014

I agree with rdave 13, fit a new PSU as soon as possible and steer clear of cheepie ones. corsair and OCZ make good ones that are still reasonbly priced. Something like this perhaps.

  coreywhite 20:37 23 May 2014

Ok well, ive cleaned some dust out and tested my pc by playing some games. The top of the psu is hot as usuall but it hasnt rebooted just yet. Ill be expecting it to do so soon though, and talking psu would you say this is any good and will it work well for my system?

1]: [click here

  rdave13 20:43 23 May 2014

That's fine. Check delivery cost, if there are any, and compare to Mr Mistoffelees' link.

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