pc keeps rebooting

  sgtdeath 15:34 21 Jun 2007

ok i have msi K8M890 running a amd 64 X2 3800, memory of 2gb kingston ddr2 533 with a 200gb sata 2 hdd and nvidia 7300LE 256 pci express.

the problem i been getting is this.

when i am playing call of duty uo/cod2 after a few mins or when minimizing game window or alt + enter the whole pc just switches off and reboots.

doesnt happen when not gaming well not yet anyways.

i have updated all my drivers to the latest versions and rum memtest on both sticks seperately all with no errors.

my system monitor gives me these temps


cpu before crash 95 F
cpu after crash 107 F

System before crash 96 F
System after crash 98 F


Vcore 1.3
3.3v 3.38
+5v 5.17
+12v 12.46

running win xp

  brundle 15:40 21 Jun 2007

Power supply or overheating graphics card - CPU is well within its operating temp limits.
Amongst the control panel options for your graphics card you may find a temperature reading - does the card have a cooling fan ?

  sgtdeath 15:46 21 Jun 2007

Hi Brundle,

yeah my gpu is running at 49-50 C and it has a standard fan on it.

is that temp too high? not forgetting that temp is on standard desktop and no game

  brundle 15:50 21 Jun 2007

My 6600GT runs at around that temperature at idle - give your card some work to do and monitor the temperature; click here

Bear in mind your card will be working flat out to cope with CoD unless you have it on the most basic settings - quite a demanding game for a `budget` card.

  sgtdeath 16:22 21 Jun 2007

ok it ran upto 66 C on that test and yeah but never had prob before which is part i dont get. i have played bf2142, coduo and cod2 before on this system with exact same specs with no probs but all of a sudden i getting this reboot problem

  sgtdeath 16:25 21 Jun 2007

then i shut ie down and what do ya know it switches off and rebooted so it not just gaming related

  brundle 16:28 21 Jun 2007

Sounds more like a power supply issue in that case - can you leave the PC idle for a few hours and see if it reboots at all? Do you have it connected to the mains with a surge-suppressor? Are there any red or yellow flagged entries in the event log ?
Start menu/run, type


  sgtdeath 16:35 21 Jun 2007

difficult to leave it idle for few hours but can probably let it idle for 2 as have a confrence meeting tonight.

i hve it connected via 8 socket extension lead with surge protection.

the logs show nothing at all since 845 this morning!!!

couple of red marks and few yellows but nothing today

  brundle 16:43 21 Jun 2007

Not much to go on eh - perhaps you could try disconnecting your optical drive, remove a memory stick and /then/ leave it going - if your PSU is struggling it may work more reliably with less hardware connected - even though the voltages appear normal.
How old is the machine/PSU?

  sgtdeath 16:45 21 Jun 2007

the whole machine is 7 months old, i have a spare psu hanging around, may be worth trying that i think

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