Pc Keeps re-booting

  Freestyler 16:24 07 Aug 2005

I have a problem that has developed with my PC
Spec as follows
Gigabyte GA-7VA MB
AMD XP2800 Processor
1gig DDR400 RAM
40gig HD

The problem is the computer reboots itself in the middle of a application. It happens every time I do a Virus scan, a A2 malware scan or burning a music CD using Nero. It happens every time these are run.
the processor is running at 118 deg according to the health check in Bios.
If the PC is left running unattended fault does not occur regardless of how long it is left on.
No problems with MS office or prolonged internet use.
Recent upgrades were the processor (from XP1800)
added memory (512mb) (I have tried removing this module) and installation of a Netgear Router.
I can,t say when the problem started though.
I hope you experts can help me.

  Graham ® 16:37 07 Aug 2005

Open System in Control Panel.

On the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.

Under System Failure, select the check boxes that correspond to the actions you want Windows to perform if a Stop error occurs:

Write an event to the system log specifies that event information will be recorded in the system log.

Send an administrative alert specifies that your system administrator will be notified.

Automatically reboot specifies that Windows will automatically restart your computer.

  Graham ® 16:38 07 Aug 2005

Uncheck Automatically reboot, you should get an error message the next time.

  Freestyler 18:01 07 Aug 2005

Tried unchecking auto restart, rebooted after 20mins
during A squared run.
No error message

  Graham ® 19:38 07 Aug 2005

Any entries in Event Viewer, System?

  Freestyler 20:14 07 Aug 2005

Where do I find event viewer, system?

  Graham ® 20:39 07 Aug 2005

Start, right click My Computer, Manage. Click + to the left of Event Viewer, System. Select an Error, Action, Properties.

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