PC keeps powering off

  STRETFORDEND08 00:05 29 Dec 2008

Hi all.. ok, firstly i got a trojan on my PC, which was unremovable. I formatted the hard drive, reinstalled xp and all was ok. Installed AVG which was blocking my internet constantly and it wouldnt unistall. System Restore didnt work so i tried to format the pc again.... But now what happens during the Setup is loading files part (before even getting to the choose partition to install on & format etc) the pc keeps turning off.
Im wondering if a power cut has affected the psu, but surely it would just not work at all rather than cut off after 1 minute?

Any advice is much appreciated.


  RobCharles1981 00:12 29 Dec 2008

Search The Forums for clues.

  STRETFORDEND08 00:59 29 Dec 2008

i have mate, there is a thread about a pc powering off but completely different circumstances - he can boot up, mine goes off before it gets to that stage

  Devil Fish 01:30 29 Dec 2008

i find it strange that you would format your drive after getting a trojan but hey that's me

a psu can drop voltage rails so though it appears to be working when put under load it falls over

as for psu i take it you have surge protection if not i is quite feasible that your psu may have been damaged after a power cut as you will get a surge when the supply is reconnected try a spare psu if you have one if not they are not expensive to buy unless you want a specialised one

  Terminus90 09:00 29 Dec 2008

have you tried booting into safe mode, if you can try uninstalling AVG from there, maybe this is your problem

  Terminus90 09:03 29 Dec 2008

sorry, press F8 at startup and choose safe mode from the menu or "last good configuration" might work

  €dstowe 10:07 29 Dec 2008

Power offs in the way you state are indicative of faulty or failed cooling on the CPU. Has the heatsink fan failed? Has the heatsink been moved?

  STRETFORDEND08 11:07 29 Dec 2008

devil fish - as stated the trojan was unremovable, is just kept on executing in various locations and very annoyingly disabled options such as Tools-Folder options which made it even harder to find. AVG could not remove it.

Im now at the stage where the pc doesnt even boot, it last for 1 minute then goes off, so trying to go into safe mode is just the same as trying to run the cd to reinstall xp

im thinking the psu, as there is no surge protection, but never known one to work partially before. I do have another psu but its very old, and im a bit scepticle about using it on this pc

  nosharpe 12:50 29 Dec 2008

Are you formatting the hdd using the bios?
You can also format the hdd but sticking it into another pc as a slave and format it in windows.

Sounds like the psu is on its last legs -
are there any noises eminating from the psu?

  STRETFORDEND08 16:11 29 Dec 2008

nosharpe- yeah im booting from cd and running it in bios to format hard drive, cant get into windows itself to do anything from there

think im just gonna have to get a psu and hope its that, theres no unusual noises coming from it though


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