pc keeps going off by its self!

  KERRO01 20:09 19 Aug 2007

i was listening to music today and bam off it goes so i turn it back on and half way through it booting up it goes off again. so i leave it for an hour and its ok again then it goes off again. now am on after an hour for your guys help. please!!!!
oh and when i turn the pc on now it comes out with a high pitched whining noise.

  howard64 20:14 19 Aug 2007

could be an overheating problem take the side cover off and check for hair dust etc. is the fan on the cpu going round? It could also be the power supply unit slowly dying.

  SANTOS7 20:14 19 Aug 2007

Hardware issue, could be CPU fan U/S and you have an overheatng problem...

  thms 20:15 19 Aug 2007

Sounds like an overheating problem.
The whining noise is probably a fan on its way out.
Check all fans and clear any dust from them.

  Nowl 20:17 19 Aug 2007

Hi Kerr001

It could be that your hard drive is dying :-( I'd certainly check that first. Have a look in Device Manager to find out the manufacturer of your disk (if it just gives a series of numbers and letters, like ST340016A, rather than a name, Google that to find out who made it). Then go to their website and download their drive diagnostics program.

Oh, and make sure you have backups or any important data NOW in case the drive does suddenly fail :-)


  KERRO01 20:31 19 Aug 2007

ok. fans fine i think, well its going round. my hdd is a western digital but i cant see any drive diagnostic program for it. i only have one fan do any of you tink i should buy a better or more fans?

  SANTOS7 20:33 19 Aug 2007

fair test would be to change the fan, as for buying more if your PC has run fine up to now i wouldn't bother...

  KERRO01 20:36 19 Aug 2007

what fan. any good suggestions?

  skidzy 20:58 19 Aug 2007

Something to consider here:

If the noise " oh and when i turn the pc on now it comes out with a high pitched whining noise" is coming from the psu,it may well be failing you.
Normally psu's are sealed units and therefore not to be opened up ....replace the psu with a known working one first,beg/borrow/steal one from a friend to eliminate psu failure.

Further to that,it could be the cpu fan and a possibly worn bearing.

I would hazzard a guess here,its the psu !

How you doing Santos me ol mucker Lol.

  Rich_B 20:59 19 Aug 2007

I had this problem once. It particularly went off when I had multiple applications open.

It turned out to be the graphics settings. Try turning the settings down to 800x600 and see if it still does it. If it stops you will have your answer. The you can start thinking about a better graphics card to give you the graphics you really want.

  KERRO01 21:02 19 Aug 2007

yeah the noise only happens when the pc is off for around an hour. it started about 3 months ago it makes the noise for about a minute or so. what ever you guys think i should buy i will, NOW!!

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