Pc keeps crashing

  pj1664 13:45 09 Sep 2008

Hi all, This problem started yesterday, my daughters computer kept crashing on startup, so i assumed there may be some corrupt files preventing
the statup, so I tried repairing xp with the cd but even that crash during repair process and now it keeps crashing saying window file is missing
windows root>\system 32\ntaskml.exe. Now How do I install these files because when I try to repair windows it asks for administrative password yet I have not set any password.
I also suspect the ram could be faulty so I change identical ram yet it kept crashing. I tried the faulty ram on a different system and it kept coming up with the blue screen, so establish ram is faulty but why wont the first computer boot up with the working ram?
My best bet would be to install fresh copy of windows but I need to safe all my daughters school
work. Is there any utility that will allow me to get to windows so I could safe these files on memeory stick before a fresh installation. Any help to get this pc going would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  BurrWalnut 14:09 09 Sep 2008

There is no such file as the one you quoted ‘ntaskml.exe’, unless it’s malware. However, I suspect you mean ntoskrnl.exe!

Here are a few things to try. In the following commands, C: represents the hard disk and D: the CD/DVD drive, change them as necessary to suit your configuration.

1. Boot the XP CD and select the first repair option (R) which will take you to the Recovery Console. Now copy the missing/corrupt file from the CD to your hard disk by typing ‘copy D:\i386\ntoskrnl.exe C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe’ (not the quotes but the two spaces) and press Enter.

2. If you can only find ntoskrnl.ex_ on the CD then the file needs to be expanded by typing ‘expand D:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe’ (not the quotes but the two spaces) and press Enter.
If 1 and 2 above do not work, rename the file by typing ‘ren C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.old’ (not the quotes but the two spaces) and press Enter. Then try again.

3. If it’s still not working, in the Recovery Console type ‘chkdsk /r’ (note the space, not the quotes) and press Enter.

4. Try method 2 as outlined here click here

If you haven’t set an administrator’s password, just press Enter.

  pj1664 14:15 09 Sep 2008

Thanks BurrWalnut, I will try that and get back with the outcome. Thank you.

  kalignorgna 14:29 09 Sep 2008

have u tested the PSU to see if thats faulty to?

  pj1664 21:27 09 Sep 2008

ok BurrWalnut, I have tried all that you ask me to do, windows wont rcognise the commands on all 3 options, i did managed to do chkdsk and found some errors and fix them, then I tried repairing the installation again with the good RAM it loads up to 100% and boots up as it should but this is when the problem starts again, it keeps going into a loop, the window xp logo comes on with the meter bar at the bottom and just when you think it going to load more files from the cd it re-boots. So frustrating. Why does it do that?
kalignorgna, why do you think its the PSU. the power is there all the time it just keeps goin in a loop.

  pj1664 08:59 10 Sep 2008

This is to anyone who may know this, in win xp in the repair there is an option for FIXBOOT, this will create a new boot partition, will this help my computer to boot up and retain all my old files and setting or does that mean I have to inatall a new installation in the new partiion and I will loss all my old settings and files?
also there is an option for RENAME and REN what is the difference arnt they both to rename a file?

  baldydave 10:26 10 Sep 2008

First I would test ram using memtest I know you have swapped these over but this will give piece of mind,put memtest86 on cd and then boot from cd.
Once your happy thats ok,put in xp disc and do a repair - boot from xp cd then follow on screen instructions,when you get to REPAIR screen press continue as if you are going to install xp at the next screen it will give you the option to REPAIR an existing xp system.it will reinstall all windows system files but leave all your data intact,you will need to re install your windows key code

  pj1664 10:38 10 Sep 2008

Thanks diytrainingdvd, but I have done all that, i am having problems when it roobots after installing (repair) xp and you are suppose to leave the cd in it boots with the xp logo and that's when the problem starts it goes in a loop to stat up again, it dosent load all the files.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 10 Sep 2008

If you cannot get past Admin password (just press enter if one not set)

and you cannot run from the windows CD then best bet is to download and burn a Linux Live CD.

Boot from the Linux CD and save all the data you need to another drive (pen or CD)

then reinstall windows from scratch.

PCLinuxOS (click here)

  lotvic 10:53 10 Sep 2008

To save your daughters files
Take the hard drive out of that pc and change the jumper pin on back of hard drive to 'slave'
Now connect the slave hard drive as an extra drive to your other pc
Boot the pc up and in Windows Explorer you will see the slave drive and contents you can then copy the files to where ever you want

  pj1664 11:24 10 Sep 2008

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\, will the linux cd load xp? or do I load linux along side it? and since my pc was half way its repair process will I be able to see these files when the system boots up with linux?

Hi lotvic, thanks for that, again same applies will the master see all the files on slave even it its half way its repai process?
I am keeping both option open.

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