PC Keeps Crashing

  Luca M 17:09 17 Dec 2007

Hi All,

I have recently noticed that my PC keeps on crashing after around 2/3 minuites of it beeing on.

I was running XP and had this problem, and then re-formatted and installed Vista and I am still having the same problem.

I booted the computer into safe mode and it was fine, but I am wanting to get my data off the hard drive while in safe mode. However as all the drivers are disabled in Safe mode, I am guessing that it will not let me make a backup while in this mode?

Any idea how to solve the crashing or to backup the software if the Hard Drive needs replacing.


  retep888 17:16 17 Dec 2007

If you can , take the hard disk out and put it in another pc as a slave and try to extract the files you want.

  Technotiger 17:18 17 Dec 2007

Hi, this sounds like a possible PSU pending failure - at first I thought over-heating, but as it crashes after just a couple of minutes I would rule out over-heating.

How old is PC and PSU in particular?

Does the hard-drive make any unusual noises?

Also, have you made any hardware changes recently?

  Luca M 17:25 17 Dec 2007

The PSU is exactly a year old today and the PC is a year too, as it was built at the same time.

The hard drive does make a funny noise on start up, but nothing while using the PC.

No hardware changes have been made recently.

  Technotiger 17:35 17 Dec 2007

Hmm, so yes does sound more like hard-drive woes. OK, as retep888 suggest perhaps you should first consider rescuing important data.

Two ways to do this, but both involve access to another PC. Either remove hard-drive and fit in another PC as a Slave, then move important stuff across to Master drive. - Or, remove hard-drive and fit it into a USB Enclosure, then attach to another PC and move important data across to other hard-drive.

That is of course, unless someone else comes up with a better idea. After all, we are really only guessing that it is the hard-drive about to fail.
I guess the ball in in your court, as they say.

  Technotiger 17:40 17 Dec 2007

Another possibility - if professionally built at a shop, perhaps you could ask them nicely, if they could do anything for you under the warranty.

  Luca M 17:42 17 Dec 2007

Ok, I have another hard drive coming tomorrow, so I have that ready to replace.

However, as the hard drive is SATA and all my other computers are laptops, I cant connect it to another without buying a USB enclosure.

I dont really want to buy one either, so is there any way of using safe mode to do the backup, as the PC workds fine in this mode?


  Luca M 17:42 17 Dec 2007

I built the computer myself, so I cant go back to the shop. The HD was under warranty and so has been replaced for free.

  Technotiger 17:52 17 Dec 2007

I do not have Vista, but I believe there may be a back-up option available in safe mode. Afraid this needs someone who is more savvy than me and who also knows Vista.

Good luck anyway!

NB - I keep a spare USB enclosure for emergency use, as well as my full Acronis backup - belt & braces stuff but great for one's peace of mind! Enclosures are quite cheap, and worth every penny if the worst happens.

  Luca M 17:59 17 Dec 2007

Ok thanks Technotiger for all your help.

I will look into a USB enclosure for the future.

If anyone has any more experience with the supposed back-up feature in Vista during safe mode, or any other ideas then please let me know.

Thanks again.

  Technotiger 18:37 17 Dec 2007

Might be worth having a look through these ...

click here

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