PC just packed in

  minka 18:15 19 Mar 2007

Hi Folks,My wifes computer has just packed in---the sceen,keyboard and printer are all still live but the pc is just dead.Any of you friendly folk out there got any ideas.Thanx

  Kate B 18:21 19 Mar 2007

Bit more info - what happens when you switch the PC on? Is there any power getting to it? Does the motherboard beep? Do the fans start whirring? And what was happening when it died?

  minka 18:27 19 Mar 2007

Absolutly no power when you push the on button.
The fan has made a whirling sound for quite some time.Did get a message 'serious problem'before it actually went off with the option of reporting it to microsoft.My wife before it went off was on the phone which kept on going off.Our system is wireless with an additional two laptops which are both ok.Thats about it.

  Pineman100 18:32 19 Mar 2007

Are you certain that the keyboard has power to it? All other symptoms could suggest either a blown fuse in the power lead to the computer unit, or a failed power supply (assuming that the monitor and the printer both have their own power leads).

But if the keyboard is definitely live, that tends to argue against these thoughts.

  Kate B 18:34 19 Mar 2007

Fans do whirr, that's their job - was the noise more intense than usual? I wonder if something's overheated and blown. What did the "serious problem" message say and when did it occur?

Before you start panicking, though, check the fuse in the plug: it's possible that something's just blown that.

  minka 18:35 19 Mar 2007

Yes the keyboard has power.

  Pineman100 18:38 19 Mar 2007

Just one other thought - is your keyboard a cordless one? If so, then it's battery powered and will work independently of the computer.

In which case, I would try replacing your computer's power lead fuse as a first step. If that doesn't do it, then a new PSU may be needed.

  minka 18:42 19 Mar 2007

Hi KateB,No the whirr wasnt more intense than normal.Regarding the message I cannt tell you what else it said----Ive seen it before ie report or dont report to microsoft.If Im not mistaken it could have happened before when my son was here and he took the side off and removed a lot of fluff and dust from the fan.

  Totally-braindead 18:44 19 Mar 2007

If someone has been inside the PC or it has been moved I would think the first thing to do would be to remove and reseat all the power connectors as well as the ribbon cables. Then see what happens.

  minka 18:46 19 Mar 2007

Hi Pineman,No the key board is not cordless.Where is the fuse in the power lead--presumably in the plug??Im a bit of an amateur whats a PSU?

  woodchip 18:50 19 Mar 2007

"PSU=Power Supply" at the back top of the BOX. I would say it's gone

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