pc junk removal!

  MAD_MIKE 22:08 22 Aug 2005

is there a programe (preferably free)that i can download that will find and delete automaticly any files on my pc that are not needed i/e, duplicate files ,dlls,missing conections ect.,safely. the sort of programe i'm looking for is one that i can load and forget.i know it may sound daft but ithink i know the answer "no such programe exists"but i just thought i woud ask on the offchance. thanks for your help in advance, mike.

  VoG II 22:10 22 Aug 2005
  Belatucadrus 23:48 22 Aug 2005
  ashdav 00:15 23 Aug 2005

Concur with VoG. Ccleaner is the best. Just delete anything it finds.

  MAD_MIKE 20:53 25 Aug 2005

thanks folks i have tried "cc cleaner" ,i thought i had some junk on my pc but by heck didn't know there could be sooo much. once again thanks. mike.

  Belatucadrus 21:44 25 Aug 2005

CCleaner can also be set to run automatically when you start the PC, to get this open CCleaner Options/Settings and tick the box by "Run CCleaner when the computer starts". You may want to sort out what cookies you want to keep before setting this.

  exdragon 22:36 25 Aug 2005

Does ccleaner only get rid of stuff which is definitely no use? I started to run it but chickened out when it said something about messing
up the system if things were deleted when they shouldn't be, and the computer may not start up. At this point, as I had no idea what the 'things' were, I hastily backed out!

If I create a system restore point before doing it, would that put my mind at rest??

  ashdav 23:43 25 Aug 2005

Don't worry about it. Just delete everything it finds. Ccleaner is not as aggressive as some registry cleaners and will not cause a problem. I've been using it for 12 months and not had a problem. It's particularly good when you remove programs using XP add/remove. If you run Issues after uninstalling a program you will be suprised at the stuff it finds. Keep running Issues until it finds nothing. Trust me it works OK.

  Belatucadrus 23:50 25 Aug 2005

Do a system restore if you want, but I run CCleaner regularly on three PCs, all the boxes are ticked and I've never had any problems.

  cymbo 01:54 26 Aug 2005

Do either of you also check the six boxes listed under the advanced heading on the windows tab? These are not checked by default. The first four entries bring up a warning message as to the consequences.


  Belatucadrus 10:11 26 Aug 2005

Yes I've included the advanced boxes not ticked by default and no, it didn't cause any problems, but it's a matter of choice, the default settings will clean a hell of a lot of rubbish out and should be quite sufficient if you're worried about it. Try running cleaner with them unticked, then tick them and run analyse, give you an idea as to how much is left to remove, if there's not much there probably best to leave it.

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