PC isn't storing/showing 'Logs and/or Alerts'

  Graphicool1 13:54 29 Mar 2011


Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Logs and Alerts

It's been brought to my attention that my PC isn't storing/showing 'Logs and/or Alerts'.

My question is: How do I make them do it?

  Thalmus 14:40 29 Mar 2011
  Graphicool1 14:57 29 Mar 2011

Thanx for that, however it doesn't actually tell me what/how to do it? What I really want is a step-by-step, idiot proof guide, to switching on 'Logs and Alerts'.

  Thalmus 15:11 29 Mar 2011
  Graphicool1 15:35 29 Mar 2011

That's more like it, however from what it's saying I think that my question should have been more specific. I should have asked how to start the 'Alerts'. As this new link doesn't mention Alerts only Logging.

Before you come back with instructions for switching on alerts. I think I'd better tell you how I know they weren't switched on, just in case this isn't where I should be looking.

I have a programme called 'Whose Crashed Now', when the system crashes, after you reboot this programme analyzes the system, using the crush dumps. When my PC recently did this, it said the following...

"Crash dumps are enabled on your PC. But, NO valid crash dumps can be found on your PC."

Rightly or wrongly I assumes that they were referring to logs and alerts, because I assertained that they weren't reporting! Now you have the full story, what do you think?

  Thalmus 15:50 29 Mar 2011

Logs and alerts are something that you set up when you want to find and performance issues with your PC, there are no preconfigured logs or alerts, you do them yourself telling it what you want it look at and what to tell.

All that being said it has nothing to with the program you are using.

When your PC crashes it dumps the contents of memory to a file so that someone (a specialist) can look through it and try to determine what made your machine crash. Your program is reporting that it can't find this memory dump, this is either because a) your PC has never blue screened, or b) its not configured to dump its memory on blue screen.

To enable memory dumps click here

  Thalmus 16:21 29 Mar 2011

c) you've ran a disk cleanup program and it has deleted

Where did you get this program from? I've never heard of it and a google search returns nothing

  Graphicool1 16:22 29 Mar 2011

Thanx for the new link and the extra info. I'll check it out.

  Graphicool1 16:44 29 Mar 2011

Right, I ran the system search and as the programme that needs it said..."No valid crash dumps can be found on your PC"

So then I followed the instructions to set up a crash dump. But when I got to the place, just as WhoCrashed Now said, it is already set up. But it just isn't saving?!

I've just seen your other post... click here

  Thalmus 16:59 29 Mar 2011

Goto where your memory dump is located (It tells in the config window), and see if you can see the file yourself (you may need to show hidden files and system protected files, to do this click here)

If there is not one there then the program won't find it, the reasons are as above.

Also, from their website click here

  Graphicool1 17:12 29 Mar 2011

I'm having a dingbat day today.

When I ran WhoCrashed' it was after I'd had a system freeze, NOT a blue screen episode. I had once again 'assumed' and once again wrongly, that if it could tell me what was causing a crash, that it could also tell what was causing a freeze. But unbeknown to me at that time ~ it now having become apparent ~ it uses the files created at the time of a BSOD to suss out the culprit. Those files are not created when a freeze occurs.

I've wasted a whole day on this and if that wasn't bad enough, I've also wasted yours, please accept my profuse apology. I can only say it's been a learning curve.

It may not have been a complete loss on your part though. As I was able to bring a new programme to your attention. There are a few others on that site also. I hope that they are of some use to you. G1 ¦¬)

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