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  donatello 16:20 19 Aug 2007

I have just got a spec sheet from Powerplay direct to replace my pc that died after power problems.Mine was about 2 years old and consisted of a Athlon3200+,Asus A7N8X deluxe board Geforce 7800 GS,Creative Audigy 2 sound card 1gb corsair ram,550 watt enermax psu,2x western digital 120gb hdd 2x pioneer 111d dvd/rw,XP home built in a Coolermaster tower.Cost approx £1,200.00.Thier spec is Antec P180 case,Hiper 530 watt psu,Asus M2n-sli board,Amd 4000+,1gb Kingston value ram,1x seagate 160gb hdd,1x Samsung 18x dvd/rw,Creative X-FI sound,Sparkle 8800gts video,Vista home premium.Cost £600.00.Would anyone accept this as a replacement as these components seem quite outdated and the price is half of that originally paid.Your opinions are valued.Thank you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:49 19 Aug 2007

You have been given the price of a current model.....the price you paid 2 years ago would equate to around £600 now. Take their offer.


  project 90 16:54 19 Aug 2007

well the xfi and 8800gts are better than ur old model so is the processor and u got vista so seems a better pc any way i would take it too

  donatello 18:22 19 Aug 2007

Forgot to mention its being built by Spire PCS anyone had any dealings good or bad with this company.

  Totally-braindead 19:00 19 Aug 2007

Prices have dropped, that PC might have cost £1200 when you bought it but the one you are being offered now is superior to what you had.
Don't know the company. I presume that you have no opportunity to get any of the bits off the old PC as the sound card and the enerex power supply might be worth saving if you can.
As an idea a PC like the one that has died now, brand new might cost £400. Second hand you might get £200 for it.

  Meshuga 19:37 19 Aug 2007

donatello, there is something in the Insurance world called Betterment, which means that you cannot finish up better off after a claim than the market value of the item/s claimed for. Try getting the price you paid for a car after a few years if it is written off.

  LABMAN 19:54 19 Aug 2007

We had to make a claim on the house insurance just before Christmas as the wife dropped her laptop and it was beyond reair apparently.

I tas a Fujitsi-Siemens Amilo, not sure of the model but a centrino processpr (single core) a 40Gb hard dirve and 512MB ram it cost me the best part of over £600.

We were given another Fujitsi-Siemens but we got a dual core processor a bigger hard drive and a dvd rewriter so we werent complaining at all.

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