PC instability?

  Base Delta Zero 10:23 20 May 2005

I just upgraded my old pentium III pc, to a pentium 4. Windows xp pro accepted it fine, but windows is running very slowly now, and its very sluggish. It was much faster when it was a 1ghz p III. Could this be some form of instability, (though my cpu instability program says its stable) or should i just fully reinstall windows?

  wee eddie 10:49 20 May 2005

The rest of the specification would help an analysis of the problem.

  Base Delta Zero 10:57 20 May 2005

(Bearing in mind this is my second pc, for the kids)

Pentium 4 1.7ghz
512mb pc 133 ram
Epox 4B2A motherboard
radeon 9500 pro
couple of pci cards (network etc)

  TomJerry 11:13 20 May 2005

you are also let down by RAM

  wee eddie 11:25 20 May 2005

Looked at this review click here but can't see anything radically wrong. I assume that you have SDRAM, all you say is it's pc133.

  Base Delta Zero 13:12 20 May 2005

well i can't see why p133 sdram would work slower with a P4 than a P3- i think that maybe when i repaired windows, to install the new motherboard, it may not have installed very well or something..

  Completealias 13:19 20 May 2005

I would go with a clean installation first off. As the crud that can be built up in windows can slow things down consideribly.

When you install windows it taliors itself to the hardware that you have got so eventhough you have done a repair I would imagine there is alot of references to your old hardware left.

The best bet for me would be to give it a clean frsh startand then see if its still running slow

  Base Delta Zero 13:24 20 May 2005

okay thank you. Only reinstalled windows a while back (a month)! So I doubt to much rubbish has built up on it. Saw a p4 and motherboard which was to cheap to resist on ebay though.....! So upgraded.

  wee eddie 14:56 20 May 2005

They should be OK.

How about the HDD Speed and the PSU voltage and wattage?

  Base Delta Zero 15:04 20 May 2005

the hard drive is a 2 year old Samsung 80gb 5200 rpm one with 2mb, so it'll have to do. I know it isnt that quick, but it has always been acceptable.

The PSU is a 250 watt one, it came with my 3.8ghz pc at christmas, but i replaced that with a 450watt one. I figured that 250 watts would be enough for the 1.7ghz one, since it has less stuff in it than the 3.8 one did.

  wee eddie 15:16 20 May 2005

It may be that the Graphics Card is needing too much power for the system to function at its optimum level.

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