PC infected

  Janet-201707 20:25 01 May 2004

Hello all

I have been having probs with PC for a few weeks and yesterday it was found to be infected with a virus called NetSky B. We had to pay a chap to get things sorted, but now we are unable to access
Yahoo Messenger despite a fresh download, plus Norton Anti virus keep telling me it can't scan messenger for viruses because of error 3021,4. Have visited their knowledgebase but can't find a solution that will put things right. I am running Windows 98SE. The chap who sorted things yesterday (I was trying to Second Chance the system) which completely locked up and you could not get the computer to work at all, or re-boot.Zilch! This chap has suggested we now re-format the harddrive and I really would prefer not to go there, did that last year and it took hours and hours to get things up and running again. Is there anything I can do to get Yahoo running again without this option? It seems this virus has done some damage somewhere.


  GermfreeUnicycle 20:36 01 May 2004

If your computer was infected with Netsky.B it is unlikely that it did any damage to your system as it is a mass mailing worm, and is not destructive. See for yourself at
[email protected]" title="http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here . It sounds like either you had another variant of the virus/worm, of the guy you had fix your computer managed to delete something important. Removal of this virus is incredibly easy, so I would complain to whoever fixed your computer that as they don't seem to have done a very good job!


  Trikie 21:07 01 May 2004

Is WORM_NETSKY.Q similar?

  VoG II 21:09 01 May 2004

Run Stinger click here

  GermfreeUnicycle 21:14 01 May 2004

Netsky is the type of virus you have got. The B or Q on the end refers the the variant of the worm. This means that the virus writer has released different versions of the virus which do different things or act differently.

The effects of NetSky.Q are very similar to NetSky.B. You can get the removal tool from http//securityresponse.symantec.com for both of these viruses. In order to keep viruses at bay you should reguraly use windows update, and install a virus scanner such as the excellent AVG - click here

  GermfreeUnicycle 21:14 01 May 2004

sorry the first link should have been:
click here

  sattman 21:50 01 May 2004

Can norton scan all files and folders except messenger?
Have you tried to remove and re-install Norton?

  Janet-201707 22:06 01 May 2004


Yes, I re-installed Norton Anti virus this afternoon and I just keep getting this error message about every 10 mins, so it looks like I am going to have to reformat the harddrive after all as I don't know what this guy has or has not done. The £35 we paid this chap to fix things was rather a lot to pay for more probs. He was here for less than an hour. I wish I could earn that much an hour considering how hard I work. LOL I think I might go and learn what he knows but not to rip people off.

  Trikie 22:09 01 May 2004

Thanks. I've run the MacAfee.

I don't know if its related but the PC has shut down and restarted several times tonight. Message is NT Authority System

  Trikie 22:12 01 May 2004

...did it again before I finished the last posting. Doing it again

  Trikie 22:20 01 May 2004

will get more info up if I can

After NTS Authority a reference is Sys32\isass.exe and 1073741819

Another new feature is that as the desktop starts up I get a message screen LSA SHELL (Export Version) encountered a problem and needed to close Error signature szAppName
szAppVer 5.1.2600.1106
szModName unknown
offset 000000000-

What the ... is happening please?

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