PC = ill healt (over weight, bad heart etc...) ?

  Mysticnas 00:25 03 Jun 2003


just wondering how many of us are overwieght?

now i know people may well want to turn this into a slagging match, but i hope they won't.

It's a serious question.

Does the amount that we use pc's directly effect our health?

I think my pc has been the cause of my ill health and weight problem. Since i started my uni course (computer related) and got my own pc i've piled on the pounds. I just sit at my desk working. I used to be really active, going to gym 5 times a week, participating in sports, doing martial arts, i even used to compete in national martial arts tournaments... now i'm a shadow of my former self... and a large one at that...

so... c'mon...

how many of us computer people are really overweight?

  hugh-265156 00:40 03 Jun 2003

i used to cycle 80+ miles a week until i got my computer about a year ago and have put on a stone since then.this past few weeks i have tried to get back into it again and limit my time sat at the screen.its hard though i must admit.

  Mysticnas 00:44 03 Jun 2003

if it wasn't for my career, i would just throw my pc out the window and go live as a hermit in cave and live totally naturally. I too have put on about 3stones since i came to uni and got into computing. not good at all. whats worse my asthma has suffered drastically, i've also had some liver problems becuase of my weight, and i don't even drink at all!!!

  Tog 07:48 03 Jun 2003

I was fat before I got the PC, I haven't gained any but it has created a new area of the house for me to sit in and eat donuts.

The PC fits in with my lethargic lifestyle (I make three-toed sloths look positively hyper) so it hasn't changed me.

  -pops- 08:37 03 Jun 2003

What happened to self control and will power?

There is only ONE cause for being overweight and that is because of eating too much. No matter what any obese person says about eating "only enough to feed a flea" and other daft excuses, overeating is the one and only cause of overweight.

One of the fundamental laws of classical physics states that "matter can neither be created nor destroyed". This still holds true in the normal (non-particle physics) world so to say that fat somehow magics iself on to the body is utter nonsense.

Regarding exercise, I remember as a student in the sixties, one guy I shared a flat with took very regular exercise - once a day he would walk to the chip shop 200 yards away (we didn't have metres in those days). He would order large cod, large chips and mushy peas and by the time he got back to the flat he'd eaten them and was ready for supper, which was numerous slices of bread with whatever there was in the fridge to place between them. Usually the fridge only contained cheap margarine which he would slice rather than spread. This, of course, was in addition to a full (large) breakfast in the college an ample liquid lunch with sandwiches and chips. At teatime he had fancy cream cakes. He died twenty years ago.

  Agent Smith 08:47 03 Jun 2003

I was fit, or thought I was, working as a photocopier engineer. Driving up to 200+ miles a day, eating on the run, so to speak and the job was stressful. Started early, had to be at work for 0900 even if the fisrt job was a hundred miles away, roughly the same place as the motorway started, finish at 1730 then drive home to do stock control etc and walk the dog for an hour before relaxing. Then came the heart attack. Then came the computer because I was no longer fit enough to do anything else. The PC saved me from going NUTS.

Nope I havent gained any weight was 10 stone b4 I had a PC and well just under 10 stone now :)

  Forum Editor 09:52 03 Jun 2003

it's a question of balance. As -pops- says, the only reason people are obese is because they eat too much food,regardless of any precondition that may exacerbate the problem.

Sitting at a computer screen for hours a day (as I do) can certainly be unhealthy, so it's essential to have a bit of self-discipline about it. Anyone can take a walk now and then - it's free, and it's healthy. I go swimming as often as I can, and I'm a keen gardener and amateur carpenter; one way and another I seem to keep reasonable fit, although I've gained weight as middle age has advanced.

Blaming a computer for weight gain is a little like a heavy drinker blaming the pub - there's a degree of choice involved surely, and how much you eat is up to you.

  nick_j007 10:10 03 Jun 2003

Aw F.E. that sounds a little unsympathetic to me. It's akin to someone who is depressed being told to pull themselves together!

The middle way is the way of course, and trying to find a balance in todays weird world is difficult enough. PC's have become important to many of us for many activities, and are now pretty much a one-stop entertainment centre.

With my own interest in computing and surfing having grown a fair bit in the last couple of years I too have put on weight. I am inclined to think that my laptop gets more use than is healthy for me, though I have been getting out on a new mountain bike every other day of late ;-)

Anyway folks, is it nice out there most evenings so wax yer boots and get some miles in, or polish yer goggles and get some lengths in, or Mysticnas get yer Quons out!

Now, what was I going to do next on my PC..............?

  grumps2001uk 10:17 03 Jun 2003

i have had a heart attack and was given a diet to follow also exercises to do the doc said sitting at comp only puts on weight if you eat more than you burn off ie: less eating or more exercise

  xtreme_computing 10:54 03 Jun 2003

i have to disagree that the only reason why people are overweight is due to over eating. There are many medical conditions which can cause excess weight .Hypothyroidism is one condition which causes weight gain. Hypothyroidism or, under-active thyroid, causes a decrease in the amount of hormones your thyroid produces. The hormones of your thyroid are what regulates your metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is caused when your thyroid produces an excess of hormones which causes your metabolism to increase, hypothyroidism causes a decrease in these hormones, causing your metabolism to slow down and weight gain to occur

There are many reasons for being overweight that sometimes have nothing whatsoever to do with the food you eat or the amount you exercise. Some people are genetically predisposed to extra weight and some of our bodies are just not made to be small.

with all that said, computers do have an impact on the way we live and can lead people into on unhealthy way of living

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