PC idiot needing help :-)

  1earning 15:41 07 Aug 2007

Just got laptop back from shop having deleted everything from hard drive and having to have it all re-installed and XP home put back on.
Was told to copy a folder on the desktop with all the drivers (!!) in to a CD.
When I started to do this, it said that if i copied it, it might stop some things working on the computer.
It is now 'files ready to be written to the CD' everytime i turn on!!
1: How do i get rid of this (without losing it from the original folder or losing it completely)
2: How do i copy/backup this folder without stopping things working..?
Idiot guide for this would be much appreciated :-)

  Taff™ 16:42 07 Aug 2007

Take it back to "The Shop" and ask them to explain it to you. Make notes and post back what they said.

  User-312386 16:55 07 Aug 2007

Click On Start>My Computer Double click your cd/dvd drive and then on the left hand side at the top click on Delete Temporary files, a box pops up and just click yes

Thats it your done

  1earning 17:05 07 Aug 2007

Ok .. thanx
Done that and it has put it in my recycle bin.
If I empty it, will I lose anything from the folder that I am trying to back up to disc.
The folder contains the drivers that the shop put on for me.
PS: how do I put this onto a CD but keep whatever I need on the computer to keep it running..?
Sorry for being such a PC idiot :-/

  User-312386 17:16 07 Aug 2007

The drivers are only programmes that get the hardware talking to the hardware and makes it work properly.

So what you do is open up the dvd drive again like you did, put the files in there, by right clicking on the file you wish to copy and then paste that into the dvd folder that you have open and then click "write these files to CD"

Just a quick question, where are you copying the drivers from?

  User-312386 17:17 07 Aug 2007

"The drivers are only programmes that get the software talking to the hardware and makes it work properly."

  wotbus@ 17:20 07 Aug 2007

They have played "safe" for you and all your Drivers have been saved in a folder on your desktop. They have begun the process of writing them to a disc so you can keep a hard copy of them.
They did this by right clicking the folder then selecting "Send to" then "CD RW Drive" which probably has D as the drive letter.
To complete the process, you just need to drop a blank CD into your writer and follow the "write to CD" instructions.
Nothing will stop working, you are merely copying a folder from your Desktop to a CD. You're probably seeing a cautionary notice concerning Drivers as they are very important bits of software. Your drivers have been installed in your PC and duplicated to the folder for you to make a hard copy (CD) for safe-keeping.
Go ahead and write them to disc whenever you like, it is not urgent but advisable asap.
If you want to get away from the "You have files waiting to be written..." etc, go to My Computer and then open the CD RW Drive by clicking on it.
You should see a sort of faded folder which is the one awaiting to be written.
To stop the "You have files waiting..." balloon, click the "File" (top left) then on "Delete Temporary Files".
NOTE: You are not deleting the folder, only the temporary image of it which is waiting to be written.
If you want to write the folder to CD, place a blank CD in the tray then under "File" (top left) click on "File" then "Write these files to CD".
Whatever you do, do NOT delete the folder from your Desktop. It would not be the end of the world but it is extremely useful to you ;-)
You can move it from your desktop if you don't like looking at it - click on it, maintain the click and drag it to My Documents then release the click. It will now appear in the folder My Documents.

  1earning 17:25 07 Aug 2007

I have a folder on the desktop that the shop told me to back up onto a CD.
When i open the folder it has loads of folders in it (audio, graphics, chipset, modem, serial no software, etc, etc).

  wotbus@ 17:38 07 Aug 2007

Don't open the folder, you can write it to CD as it is. Insert a blank CD into your CD RW drive - click on My Computer (on your desktop) then on your Drive (probably D). When that opens, click on File (top left) then select "Write to CD" or whatever it says and Windows will do the rest.

  1earning 18:30 07 Aug 2007

I now have now copied this folder to a CD.
I have moved the folder to My Documents.

One more question please:

In the recycle bin I have the 'files ready to be copied' which I deleted from the temp folder.
If this is deleted from here, will it muck up the computer..?

  wotbus@ 18:33 07 Aug 2007

No, but if you are in any doubt don't delete it from the trash for a week or so, just to give yourself confidence.
Well done :-)

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