pc help please :-)

  craigb1 09:54 17 Mar 2008

hi everyone, firstly just want to say hi ;-) my names craig buchanan from liverpool, and im calling on you for some urgent pc help! I produce music alot, and i need a computer that can cope with this pressure, on a daily basis, aswell as producing my music, which can take alot outa a pc, i also have numerous web pages etc open so i can put my samples out to the net, overall this can take alot outa pc. So im looking for one thats extremely fast, reliable, large in memory and space, and basically, the dogs ********! Any help or questions plz feel free and i will answer asap. Thanks again, and look forward to your replies :-)

  MAJ 10:24 17 Mar 2008

What is your maximum budget? Have you checked out the latest PCA reviews? click here

  craigb1 10:28 17 Mar 2008

my maximum budget is about £1800. i could stretch a lil further though, although id like to spend a lil bit less obviously!! and i have not che3cked that out to b honest. Im not brilliant on spec, so thats y i was hoping you guys could help!! Thanks for replying, appreciate it :-)

  craigb1 11:46 17 Mar 2008

someone please help :-( im no good technically so im relying on someone who knows what there talking about, your information/advise, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ;-)

  MAJ 12:49 17 Mar 2008

Sorry, craigb1, I got called away by the missus. With that type of budget, you shouldn't have a problem getting what you want. I'm guessing memory, storage and a good sound card and speakers will be your main concern given what you want to do.

Processor: Something like Intel Core 2 Quad or an Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, both very speedy.

Memory: 4GB

Storage: About 1TB (1 TeraByte) = 1000 GB

Sound Card and Speakers: A Creative SB X-Fi with some Creative surround speakers.

Graphics Card: Something like a Gefore 800GTX

22" or 24" flat panel display, maybe widescreen to show most of your wav editor.

Two good DVD rewriter drives for copying and backing up your music back and forth.

Maybe something like this from Mesh. click here

  MAJ 12:51 17 Mar 2008

Choose the necessary upgrades from that page, it works out at about £1300.

  craigb1 13:49 17 Mar 2008

thanks for all the help there, ive checked mesh and im just lookin on the spec you have provided, thanks again, much appreciated!! :-)

  wee eddie 13:59 17 Mar 2008

A possible route is to get the main Computer Manufacturers to recommend which of their machines would suit you.

Write a coherent Specification of what you wish to do with it and then ring them and get them to mail you their recommendations. Don't tell them how much you're willing to pay, they'll just go to that price.

p.s. The web pages and streaming are more to do with your ISP and Bandwidth available than the PC you have.

  craigb1 14:24 17 Mar 2008

thanks guys, i was actually going to ask computer manufacturers but i thought id ask around first before that. I just want to make sure i get the best for the money i end up paying and also for its performance, thanks again.

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