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  YAMA 16:55 22 Oct 2008

Right-oh my friends out there, i now ave a new pc, all ok there, now it is the old one, first off reason for new one, my hard drive packed in, now I would like to get it going again as cheao as i can , ie new h/d and what i need to do when I get it ? what tech knowhow do i need to, install it, thanks a lot for all your help in the past, yama

  howard64 17:09 22 Oct 2008

new hard drives are quite cheap these days - your biggest problem would be the os. Maybe turn it into a linux box with one of the free downloads?

  YAMA 17:11 22 Oct 2008

Howard, os ???? what is that ta yama

  YAMA 17:14 22 Oct 2008

at the moment I can not get pass the xp screen the opening bar runs across, sticks then runs again, that is why a replacement h/d i need, but how to go about installing it, ta yama

  Pineman100 17:43 22 Oct 2008

OS is your Operating System - ie: Windows.

Have you got an original Windows XP disk, or a the computer manufacturer's restore disk?

Can you describe exactly how you are setting about restoring Windows? Are you booting the computer from the Windows disk?

  YAMA 21:20 22 Oct 2008

Right so the pc has every thing in side excpt a new hard drive, and that is what i want, ok, But the thing is I need tech info of how to go about putting a hard drive in, the engineer who fix me up with a new pc had taken it out of the old pc, ok so far, now the old hard drive packed up. so jnsyead of getting a new hard drive at the time, we desided enough had been spent on the old pc to warant a new one, that is how i came to be where I am now, ok. so now instead of getting the engineer to set up the old pc with a new h/d, I thought I would do it my self, so that is why I am here, I just need the tech know how of how to go about installing a new hard drive, ok thanks yama

  chub_tor 21:34 22 Oct 2008

Video of how to install a hard drive click here

Detailed instructions click here

  howard64 15:10 23 Oct 2008

first you need to find out what is inside the pc. I assume from the age of it that it has an ide drive. The cable from the motherboard [mobo] to a hard drive or ide cd drive is a 40 wire ribbon cable. The mobo will have a socket on it about 2 inches long and about a quarter inch wide and it will be marked ide [1] or poss if you have 2 [2]. Be careful not to get too big a hard drive as the bios may not be able to handle it. Have a look at the old one and see what size it was. You should be able to go up a bit but I would not go from say a 30 gigabyte to a 320 gb one. If it is an ide drive on the back will be a section with pins and these should be marked M Sl and Cs standing for Master' slave' or cable select. If it is the only drive then the master pins should be fitted with a little shorting link. These look like a little bit of plastic about quarter of and inch square and about an eighth of an inch thick. One end should have 2 holes which you place over the master pins. The ribbon cable should be fitted in the socket on the mobo and the drive. Most have a nick out of 1 side and the plug on the cable has a bit sticking out which goes in the nick. Finally fit the power plug which is normally a white plastic 4 socket device with rounded corners on one side. Look at the back of the drive to see which way round to fit it. Connect up switch on and then you will have to fit the os on it. When you screw the drive into the case do not force the screws if they do not turn easily they are not in properly. Hope this helps.

  YAMA 01:02 09 Nov 2008

all ok now thank you all

  YAMA 08:39 09 Nov 2008

thanks for all the help yama

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