PC Health check=up

  donald59 21:37 29 Jul 2007

I am having my PC examined by an on-site engineer from PC World. For the cost it seems I will have the computer given a full check-up and it will be like brand new when finished. I am also having memory put into the machine which I have to purcahse seperately, but the visiting engineer will fit for me. Has anyone ever had an insite engineer visit them to check over their pc and if so can someone tell me what is involoved and have they been satisfied or otherwise with the service. Was it good value for money? Did the engineer look and act confident enough to fix the machine? Were you happy with all aspects of his visit? I'd be grateful to have a reply to these questions, and anyone who does, I thank in advance for thier assistance.

  recap 21:59 29 Jul 2007

He/she will run a full diagnostic on the system to ensure all parts are working correctly. He/she will check your system for viruses, clear your Internet Cache, make sure your file system is in order, do a defrag. Give the inside of the tower a dusting. A general house cleaning really.

  beynac 22:04 29 Jul 2007

I recommend that you back up all of your important files before the engineer calls.

  skidzy 22:08 29 Jul 2007

I have a friend who has had the 3 year plan from PC World that provides this type of health check.

He seems satisfied,however he has had a few issues with the deletion of photo's,luckily i have recovered most of them for him.

Most of the things the engineer will do,you can do yourself,however replacing hardware is best left to the experts if you are not confident.

Though on the other hand,you will never learn if you dont try,we can help you if you ever need help.

Overall,i think its a reasonable service if you get a competent engineer.

  Stuartli 23:28 29 Jul 2007

You can do a general check on how well or otherwise your system is by using the System Check at:

click here

  woodchip 23:30 29 Jul 2007

I would have done it cheaper

  donald59 09:53 30 Jul 2007

OK guys, thanks for the information. If PC Optimizer can do the job it says it does, it would be a terrific saving for me, but | do need to install more memory in to the processor. Therefore, I'd like to take up the option of doing it myself. Can anyone give me chpater and verse as to how I do this, as I imagine it is a simple process, but equaly I dont want to attempt something that I might later regret. I am slightly dyslexic, but if someone on here can tell me how to do this installation in a chapter and verse form (I use that term loosely in case someone wants to be joking) then I should be eternally grateful. Thanks for you efforts up to now guys, I really do appreciate your help assistance and advice.


  Stuartli 11:20 30 Jul 2007

You put more memory onto the motherboard..:-)

You will need to find out the exact type of memory you require and this can be done from the Crucial website.

Adding memory is very straightforward normally.

  Stuartli 11:22 30 Jul 2007

To be frank I wouldn't let PC World technicians anywhere near my system after hearing of the methods used in many cases.

  wee eddie 16:19 30 Jul 2007

Go to YouTube and put install RAM into the Search box.

like this one click here

Lots and lots of helpful movies

  donald59 18:42 30 Jul 2007

Thanks guys for all your help. I managed to use the PC system health check as advised here, and it work. I paid the fee and it sorted itself out, and now my system is running better. I also managed to place the additional memory into the processer, and that to worked. I never knew I could do it, but it was quite simple. I am stil having a problem with hibernation and standby problems, so if there is any more help out there that can sort this problem out, then my computer will be just like new.
Thanks again chaps. I don't know what I would have done without all your free help. I am sure of one thing though, it would have cost me a fortune if I had not sought your help in the first place.


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