suzzieQ 21:37 13 Jan 2009

i want to connect my Philips HD LCD tv to my pc, what connector on the pc do i use to go to the HDMI on the tv?
Im also looking for the best way to watch tv with the PC, any suggestions would be great.

  BaboonBoy22 21:53 13 Jan 2009

If you want to connect it to your HDMI on your TV you will need to use the DVI port on your PC. You probably got an adapter with your graphics card (or that came wiith your pc), if not you can find one on the net for very cheap.

Depending on the age of your tv it might be best to just connect the two with a VGA cable. I have a very early HD TV and it just can't cope with the signal that I get from my PC, so I get a grainy picture like that when using an S-Video cable.

Hope thats not too much waffling ;o)

  suzzieQ 01:17 14 Jan 2009

Thanks for the info; My tv is 4 days old so its good to go but my pc is kinda old, its a Compaq S6000NX. im not sure were the DVI port is or if it even has one. Please explain what im looking for.
My tv will be 50ft from pc and i will need the monitor also, is that possible?
what all would i need to pull this off?cable,adapter.exc.
Thanks for the help,
ps: i need the waffling

  Grantrh 13:39 14 Jan 2009

Your PC is quite old so will only have a VGA output so you could get a VGA splitter and a hell of a long cable!
such as click here
Or you could get a new graphics card with DVI or HDMI output ports and then get a HDMI to HDMI cable or get a DVI to DMI cable such as click here
If this is unclear then get back to me.

  Grantrh 13:39 14 Jan 2009

that last bit should be DVI to HDMI cable

  BaboonBoy22 13:54 14 Jan 2009

I have had a quick look at the spec of your machine and you won't be able to view anything HD from it, nor will you be able to use your TV and your monitor.
Please say if this spec I found is right click here

The only thing you will be able to do is link your TV to your PC with the VGA cable. (The same cable that links your PC to your monitor) your TV should have a socket on the back(probably labelled PC) they are usually blue in colour with lots pin holes that is a rounded sqaureish shape with 2 screw holes either side. Your TV user manual should tell you all about it.
With regards to 50ft, you can get VGA extension kits. Basically a VGA extension lead. Hope that helps.
But it sounds like in order to achieve what you really want you are going to have to do a radical upgrade on your PC or buy a new one. sorry :o(

  suzzieQ 19:48 14 Jan 2009

thanks for the info! so if i split my monitor cable i will have the monitor and tv hooked to the pc.Tv has pc plug and sound just for a pc.
can both be used at the same time?
can i get somesort of tv like that?
how do i get HD tv from pc?
what specs on new pc do i need?
I trully appreciate the info,

  BaboonBoy22 20:49 14 Jan 2009

If you use the splitter, yea you will get both displays, but they will only be displaying the same thing. So you won't be able to do things like watch a movie on 1 and be able to go on the net on the other (well thats what I do lol, I'm always media stacking) Most new graphics cards now will support 2 screens. there are hundreds of specs you could go for, it all depends what you want to do on your PC.
If you want to watch full HD content you will need a graphics card that supports it. best indication is one with HD in the model ie.. Radeon HD 2600 XT.
If it's mainly for media that you want the PC for then aim for the best graphics card you can afford and if you are going to buy a pc then the spec will be good enough.

  suzzieQ 12:34 15 Jan 2009

BaboonBoy22: thanks very much for the info.
I looked in my pc and there are 2 seperate rows of plugs above the modem. What does this allow me to do with this pc?
Im looking for a graphic card and will get back to get more help later,im sure i'll need it.

  BaboonBoy22 14:59 15 Jan 2009

It all depends what those rows of plugs are.
If you do get a new graphics card that supports full HD then you are probably going to have to update your RAM and Processor as well for your PC to cope.

  suzzieQ 02:21 16 Jan 2009

BaboonBoy22: specs on my pc. 256mb ram, intel celeron 2.7 GHz processor.integrated intel extreme graphics with 64mb.mpeg full motion digital video.
what do you think i will need to do?
i have very little used space on my hard drive.
Thanks suzzieQ

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