pc has attention deficit disorder

  keef66 10:10 24 Apr 2007

recently the pc has started behaving like an easily distracted child. One minute you're typing an email, then the characters stop appearing on the screen; it's as if it's gone off to do something else. Other symptoms include toolbars which flash or dim, MS Office and Adobe applications encounter a problem and have to close, using drop down menus is frustrating because they often disappear again before you've made a selection.

Possibly significant, an icon which looks like the one for MSN instant messaging, keeps appearing fleetingly in the notification area. I have uninstalled IM but still the icon persists. Looking at processes in Task Manager the list keeps twitching as something appears and equally quickly disappears, but it is too quick for me to read.

Scans with AVG and A squared reveal nothing untoward, SFC /scannow completed uneventfully.

I'm running out of bright ideas now, and the prospect of reinstalling from scratch seems preferable to going on like this.

I have 2 recent, valid True Image backups, so unless anyone has any better ideas I'm going to bite the bullet and wipe it.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:40 24 Apr 2007

I think that going with one of your TI backups is probably the best option; if they are clean then you will be ok.

  gudgulf 10:47 24 Apr 2007

I agree with Diodorus Siculus.

Restoring a good image makes sense.It will be quisker and easier than tracking down the reason for your problem.

  keef66 11:20 24 Apr 2007

Nice to know I was still thinking rationally despite the constant self-doubt, sleep deprivation and nagging from family members.

OK, so next question is how do I go about it? I have never before had to restore a TI backup. Is it just a case of following the relevant wizard in True Image?

And the question the kids will be asking after 5 minutes; how long is this going to take?? It's a 80 gig HDD about three quarters full.

  Probabilitydrive 11:37 24 Apr 2007

the symptoms you system shows are too non-specific for a working solution. Restoring from TI is therefore a sound advice. Instructions on how to use TI 10 click here

  bjh 11:49 24 Apr 2007

Go with the TI wipe BUT take a new image of the "faulty HDD" first! If you actually have a hardware fault, you don't want to lose your current set up if you can then fix that fault. You can't have too many images! You will realise a few minutes after wiping that your entire new novel isn't on the reinstalled image. Remember, you can always just mount the most recent "faulty" windows to access that bestseller!

  keef66 11:49 24 Apr 2007

Thanks people. Ticked as resolved for now. I'll do the TI restore tonight and come back with a new post if required.

  keef66 09:29 26 Apr 2007

Just so you know how it turned out, the full TI restore ran last night (initially it said it would take 6 hours, but I suspect it was considerably quicker)
Then this morning I restored the latest docs and emails from an incremental backup I'd done just before the restore.

PC is now behaving itself, everyone's happy, and the £80 for the ext HDD and Acronis has proved to be money well spent

  Technotiger 09:34 26 Apr 2007

Hi, never had to use it (fingers crossed) but nice to know TI does the job, very reassuring, including the bit about Incremental - updated my backup just yesterday.

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