pc hangs on desktop

  elbecko 07:13 17 Jul 2011


i have windows xp sp3. avast anti-virus, comodo firewall, and ad-aware running in the background. although not running continuously i also scan with super anti-spyware, avira anti-spyware, malwarebytes anti-malware.

my pc starts ok and gets to the desktop. however once i use a mouse button a large hourglass appears rendering the computer useless. i am unable to open a browser or anything else.

i can leave it like this for hours hoping it will change, but it never does. the only way i can 'beat' this is by clicking on the browser icon as soon as the desktop appears. this is before everything on the desktop has loaded. before all the little icons in the bottom tray appear.

the other problem which i'm sure is related is this. when i click to shutdown the pc, it'll start going thru' the different stages but get stuck on the blue screen that says windows is shutting down. then i have to use the power on/off button to turn it of. this doesn't happen every time, probably 60%. however, when it does shut down by itself it will take a hell of a long time in doing so.

this all started a few weeks ago. i don't have a lot of startup programmes, only five. should i do a system restore from a good few weeks ago?

hope someone can help please? thanks.

  ICF 07:47 17 Jul 2011

Have you scanned your PC with your updated spyware and anti virus programs. Try Malwarebytes

  ICF 07:50 17 Jul 2011

If you can't get in windows try the above scans in Safe mode

  gengiscant 07:58 17 Jul 2011

It sounds like you have some piece of software misbehaving at start-up and shut-down, it will be time consuming to track down which one it is.You could go to start - run - msconfig - then click on start-up and stop any program that really does not need to start when you power up your PC. For some reason producers of software seem to think that it needs to start when your PC does, whereas this is rubbish. so see if there is stuff there you don't need right away.

you could try this http://www.soluto.com/ which also does the same as msconfig but with this you can also delay when software starts, giving your PC a chance to fully kick in before other software starts.

Here is a similar product. http://www.r2.com.au/page/products/show/startdelay You will be amazed at what actually wants to start-up after you have pushed the power button.

  elbecko 09:36 23 Jul 2011

thanks for all your help.

i was just went to run-msconfig, to get the system configuration tool and looked at the general tab/startup selection.

'selective startup' is currently ticked. should it be on 'normal startup' instead? or will that simply cause loads of things to run at every startup. [i currently only have 5 things running at startup, i suppose that is whats meant by 'selective startup'???]


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