PC "Hangs" at boot-up

  jules52 08:20 11 May 2006

My pc sometimes "hangs" at boot-up (it starts to boot and then nothing except the green light with no disk activity red light) . I cannot switch it off except by using the power rocker switch at the back of the tower. I can then re boot in the normal manner and it takes me into bios safe mode informing me that the computer booted at the wrong cpu speed. I have tried exiting and both saving and not saving the settings with no difference but in either case it then boots into Windows XP in the normal manner. This problem has only started over the last couple of weeks but is becoming very annoying. Any comments would be appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 08:24 11 May 2006

as a first i would suggest running start/run sfc /scannow (note the space) you will prob be asked for xp disk, if that option does not resolve try system restore as it is a recent occurrence.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 11 May 2006

it takes me into bios safe mode informing me that the computer booted at the wrong cpu speed.

how old is the PC?

maybe CMOS battery dying. CMOS Battery
click here

hanging because looking for wrong settings.

  jules52 12:34 11 May 2006

Thanks johnny I have tried start/run sfc / scannow without much success. In reply to fruit bat just to let you know that the pc is 4 years old and I replaced the CMOS battery about 1 year ago - the syptons then were slightly different in that it would boot ok into bios but no further.I've never heard of a pc that gets through that many batteries - have you?

  rodriguez 12:57 11 May 2006

Sounds like the CPU could be wearing out. It seems as if the problem is intermittent because sometimes it boots into XP and other times it says the computer booted at the wrong CPU speed. This could be a CPU or motherboard problem and it might be worth replacing them. When I was at work we used to get dead motherboards all the time where the PC would hang before it even detected the drives that were connected so we'd chuck them out and swap them over. It doesn't cost that much nowadays to replace the motherboard and CPU, my board was about £35 or £40 and the CPU was £40 or £50. You'll notice a huge improvement in performance. However you might need to reinstall Windows so if you're not comfortable with big jobs get someone else to do it for you.

  johnnyrocker 13:56 11 May 2006

I have tried start/run sfc / scannow without much success

if you ran it as you have typed i am not surprised, you need to type exactly as i said in my post.


  jules52 14:04 11 May 2006

Thanks rodriguez the thought had crossed my mind but I think I'll explore every other "minor" avenue first.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 11 May 2006

sfc /scannow
watch the space after c and before/

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