D Bird 19:15 17 Dec 2007

(Sorry - posted to wrong forum)
Each time I want to use the internet(via IE7 with Vista OS) Windows Security Center opens up and I have to turn on two options for Malware protection - Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware.
As soon as I turned these on I received the following message:

Message: The settings we were attempting to process are corrupted and unusable. Resoring and backup may solve the problem.
Details: [DESC:corrupt file

Can anyone advise on this?


  brundle 19:21 17 Dec 2007

Yes uninstall it and replace with Avast or AVG click here and a decent anti-spyware app click here.
All free and more effective than PCGuard (if you're paying £5 a month for PCGuard Total it really isn't worth it).

  D Bird 19:31 17 Dec 2007

At the moment I'm only covered on the basic PCguard package.

As I'm a beginner can you advise what Avast and AVG will take care of security-wise?

Also will I need to turn on any Windows security settings which is already installed on my PC?

(I know this is basic stuff-sorry)

  brundle 19:34 17 Dec 2007

They're both anti-virus products. Only install one or the other. Vista will enable its own firewall if PCGuard is removed and it already has Defender built in to handle spyware (though its not as effective as some of the other anti-spyware programs I linked to).
If you want to use a 3rd party firewall and not rely on the Vista one there are a few to choose from on the same site. I don't use one myself but Comodo seems to be highly regarded.

  D Bird 19:56 17 Dec 2007

So all I need is anti-virus, firewall protection and spyware protection and I'm sorted? Sounds cool.

Thanks brundle - that's really helpful.

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