PC grief, after i built it. person is annoyed help

  Mysticnas 13:48 31 Aug 2004

Hi all...

This is somewhat of a long story but i'll cut it short...

I swapped my 9month old motherboard with my landlord just before i moved out the place. I went back 100miles to his place a few weeks later and expected to spend a few hours putting his new kit together for him and then spend the rest of the day with some friends. However, ended up taking the whole day, having to cancel my plans with friends, trying to sort out the pc that wouldn't work. For some reason it just kept freezing sometime after going into windows desktop.

Anyway, since i couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and had to make tracks back home, i suggested maybe taking it to a local computer shop. Who apparently fixed it, charged him £70 but when he took it back home it didn't power up, so he went back again to the shop.

This pattern carried on a few times. Now the computer shop guy still can't figure out what's wrong with it, and has offered him a Dell P4 2.6, 512DDR, GF FX5200(or similar).

Anyway, mow my landlord is saying that he's unhappy with the shop and... ME. He keeps saying it's my fault for giving him a duff motherboard.

The guy in the shop won't actually tell him what's whats wrong with it, or how they went about trying to fix it. It's so annoying.

He seems to be saying it's all my fault.

His spec was P4 2.8, 512DDR, GF FX5200, XPpro SP1. from the computer shop we purchased HDD, i orinally purchased the motherboard from that shop as well as part of my system, graphics card.

What can i do?

  cga 14:00 31 Aug 2004

Offer to swap the Mobo back (give him back his original). Write off the time and effort you have put into trying to help him and make a mental note not to advise him in the future.

  Mysticnas 14:05 31 Aug 2004

that he won't want his xbox back. Basically i swapped him the board and an exectutive recliner office chair for the xbox which he won and never used.

He'll just say that he doesn't need an xbox.

He still has my deposit (caution money) and i have an incling that he's going to take a hefty chunk from that.

  jack 14:25 31 Aug 2004

Win Some lose more.
Do you NEED an X box?
Flog it and cut your losses and dont near that guy again.

  Mysticnas 14:29 31 Aug 2004

he says he doesn't understand why i can't accept the fact that my motherboard is at the bottom of all this.

  jack 14:29 31 Aug 2004

And as for the shop telling what they found!
Are you kidding?
They will stroke the side of their noses and give a knowing look as they take your spondoolicks.

The reality is, most of the time, they poke at this, change that, and hope. At least when it runs and one of my of clients sez what was it then.
I can most times say with all honesty "Dunno guv it just went."

  Mysticnas 14:35 31 Aug 2004

that's sooo weird... cuz that's just what he did...

He asked the shop guy what was wrong with it and how he fixed it, and he just tapped his nose, then pointed to his head and said, it's all in here mate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 31 Aug 2004

Freezing usually down to 3 things:

1. virus /spyware using all resources

2. bad drivers

3. bad HDD

  Peter-202202 15:16 31 Aug 2004

virus and spyware

visited the uncle yesterday, not napoleon solo you geeks, and spent the afternoon sorting out his machine - machine dog slow

down to two viruses, and loadsa spyware - download adaware, spybot, and stinger and run in that order

ensure that the virus defs on the machine are up to date......

  Peter-202202 15:18 31 Aug 2004

down to two viruses, and loadsa spyware - download adaware, spybot, and stinger and run in that order


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