Is this PC good for my needs and worth the price?

  plazma 21:11 18 Oct 2010

I'm thinking of buying a base unit from cougar extreme computers and a monitor from somewhere else as theirs aren't that great.
I'd use the PC for surfing the web, movies, games like call of duty, animation and video editing such as Adobe after effects and Photoshop.

Here are the specs:

AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz Quad Core,
Manufacturer Supplied Cooler,
4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1600 (2 x 2GB),
500GB SATA Hard Drive
AM3 MSI 770-C45 - DDR3 1600x4 770-C45 chipset,
ATI HD 5670 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI,
3015DB Black/Blue Midi Case with 450W PSU,
CiT 500W Black Edition PSU,
DVD+/- RW - 20X Samsung Lightscribe,
Integrated Sound Card,
Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit,
Wireless card PCI,

Total: £509.21

Would this be powerful enough for what I need?
Also for I'm looking for a good budget monitor, the graphics card says DVI so i assume it would be best to get a DVI monitor? And if possible, a HD one so i could plug my xbox into it.

Thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 22:21 18 Oct 2010

I would be more than happy with that spec. although I am not a gamer. Budget monitor - depends on how much you want to spend. Some good 24inch one's - nice one here click here I am sure you will get plenty of advice from others also.

  Woolwell 22:44 18 Oct 2010

Personally I would see if you could get a bigger HD. Video eats up storage.

  ashdav 22:51 18 Oct 2010

For a monitor try this click here
I've got one for my second system and it's excellent.

  GaT7 23:07 18 Oct 2010

"Would this be powerful enough for what I need?" - depends on what games you'll be playing & at what settings & resolutions. If it's only going to be CoD (& similar graphics-intensive games), then you should be OK - benchmark results with CoD2 at click here. If you go for a more powerful GPU you'll most likely need to get a better PSU too - so added expense for those 2 components.

Adobe AE may benefit more from a specialised workstation-type GPU - see click here. But these are relatively expensive & may not be the best for games, so a gaming GPU may meet both needs adequately at a fraction of the cost. You should get better advice on a Adobe AE forum about this.

I'd also be inclined to add more RAM for the video editing, Photoshop & Adobe AE. 500Gb would also appear a bit on the low side for your intended usage. G

  ashdav 23:18 18 Oct 2010

Re. the hdd size I'd agree.
Why not buy the computer as is and get another 1TB hdd as storage.

  hastelloy 08:08 19 Oct 2010

I'd put more memory in and get a smaller C drive but add a large D drive and external HDD for backup. I have a 250GB C drive and 3 500 GB HDDs for data.

  jack 09:05 19 Oct 2010

I notice the two advisers recommend additional memory.
Be wary; the spec already suggests 4 Gb
Mother boards and operating systems have a ceiling of acceptance- adding more may simply just sit.
So do the home work- What is the max the given motherboard can handle?
Operating system also- XP for example limit is 3Gb I understand
What will your O/S of choice limit be?

  jack 09:08 19 Oct 2010

I may have been presumptuous but always worth checking things out rather than taking stuff 'as read'
click here(VS.85).aspx&rct=j&q=Windows%207%20%20memory%20limit&ei=eVG9TO3ZMpa8jAen8rymAg&usg=AFQjCNH_6tAqz9DaaJWvWzjvYd4HJoJvqg&sig2=4XGszCyXjsLFS7SsuLzK3w&cad=rja

  plazma 19:52 19 Oct 2010

thanks for all the replies, and jack do you mean i need more RAM for windows Vista?

also, my options for graphics card are as following:

ATI HD 5450 512MB PCI Express DDR DVI
ATI HD 5450 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI (add £9.97)
ATI HD 5570 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI (add £27.31)
ATI HD 5670 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI (add £49.04)
ATI HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI Express DDR DVI (add £68.44)
ATI HD 5750 1024MB GDDR5 PCI Express DDR DVI (add £77.90)

hd5450 is the default, what would you recommened as the best value card?

  jack 10:11 20 Oct 2010

No not necessarily
Read the link
As stated XP max handling ceiling is 3 GB adding more is a waste of time
Vista may be the same.
Win 7 can handle 4 I understand.
But but but Motherboards have their upper limits too
You will have to simply do your homework.
I note that you do not mention the mother board in the spec rundown

The RAM listed is 4Gb- that is is the top limit as far as I can ascertain.

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