Pc goes to 'Users' after 10mins-Grrr!!

  buel 21:14 01 Aug 2009

Hi, my friend's laptop goes into 'User' mode (where you get to log back in to one of 3 users)after about 10mins and it is so annoying if im trying to Defrag it or something similar. Please can anyone tell me how to stop this?

  Taff™ 21:26 01 Aug 2009

It doesn`t happen if you defrag it in safe mode which is what you should be doing. In "Normal" mode the HDD is constantly being written to and defrag restarts all the time taking hours longer.

  Sea Urchin 22:01 01 Aug 2009

I think buel is saying that every 10 minutes the laptop switches to the log in screen.

  Eric10 22:21 01 Aug 2009

A 10 minute period sounds a lot like it is trying to go to screen saver. If the screen saver fails then it will try to resume and will go to the login screen if 'On resume, password protect' is ticked.
To test this out, go to Desktop properties and check the settings on the screen saver tab and change the screen saver to 'none'.

  woodchip 22:55 01 Aug 2009

try stopping screen savers, by right click desktop\properties

  woodchip 23:01 01 Aug 2009

it may also be drive going into sleep mode

  buel 23:45 01 Aug 2009

Thanks for that! Ok, i've tried stopping the screensaver and im afraid it still does it! However, i think it may been defragmenting whilst it appeared 'off'. Does this make sense? But i would still prefer it is it actually stopped doing this! If the drive going into slep mode, how do i stop it please?

  Taff™ 07:07 02 Aug 2009

I`m pretty certain that a computer undertaking a defrag won`t go into sleep mode and as I said before this should always be done in safe mode where the screen may go black after a period of time, governed by the power settings. Any mouse movement or keystroke will return to the defrag. As you say it will continue in the background anyway.

If you must do this in normal mode look at the power settings. You haven`t said which friends computer you`re working on so we`d need to know the OS but because Vista defrags automatically I`ll guess it`s XP - right click the desktop and select properties, then the screen saver tab then advanced or power settings button.

Personally I don`t check defragging computers every 10 minutes anyway! ;o)

  buel 08:51 02 Aug 2009

Aha!! Thanks for that you lot, i think i've got it: Under desktop, properties, screensaver tab there was a box which was ticked which was 'On resume, display Windows screen' so i unticked it! Ooh i hope this works!!!
Ps- it is xp.
Pps- I am a bit weird as regards to checking the defrag every 10 minutes, ha ha!
Ppps- This laptop only has 256mb of Ram, would me putting Avg, SuperAntiSpyware AND Spybot search and destroy all running in the background be a 'bit much' for it?

  Taff™ 09:25 02 Aug 2009

With only 256Mb of RAm I suspect you`re right however SAS only runs on demand and I suggest you turn off Tea-Timer in Spybot.

AVG needs to be scheduled to run possibly once a week/month and set the delay to 30 minutes after boot up otherwise one morning the computer will grind to a halt - better still turn off all scheduling and let the user decide when to run it!

The bottom line is if you`re going to run all three scans at the same time you`d better check every 10 hours!

256 Mb RAM was the theoretical minimum for XP and these days I wouldn`t recommend anything less than 768 Mb especially if there is some of that allocated to the graphics card.

  buel 10:25 02 Aug 2009

That would make sense Taff!! Thank you for that, that is extremely helpful! Sorry for the confusion, i meant to explain that by 'running all 3 programmes at once' i meant not actually performing scans but having them run in the bottom right hand corner.
As for that Ram, you're quite right- there is 256mb in the laptop but there 192mb showing...however, im getting another 256mb later so that should help?
Ps- if i perform an avg scan or even defrag under one user name, does this mean i dont have to do it under one of the other user names? (their desktop/screen doesn't seem to have the various anti-virus/spyware on them)

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