PC goes to standby PSU keeps working!

  Virtuosity 20:44 16 Oct 2006

I've recently replaced my dead motherboard (with an MSI K8N SLI) and re-installed Windows XP Pro. Since then when I put the pc to standby everything powers down except the PSU! It keeps working!
I would appreciate any info that might help me to figure the cause.

  Virtuosity 15:11 17 Oct 2006

any suggestions?

  Fingees 17:33 17 Oct 2006

Obviously the power supply will remain working

Thats the idea of standby. it goes to low power mode, but stays on.

Are you getting confused with hibernate.
That is when the PC notes what is running, and where you are, and transfers it to the hard drive.
Then the power supply switches of.

When you then turn the computer on, it reloads from the hard drive, to where you were.

  Virtuosity 18:45 17 Oct 2006

Thank you for the reply Fingees. I never used the hibernate. Before I replaced my motherboard when I put the PC to standby everything was going off, including the power supply unit. But with this new board monitor goes off, I can hear hard drivers powering down as well but the power supply and the cooling fan still continue to work. I would prefer everything powering down like before the change. So I was thinking maybe there is something somewhere (like BIOS) needs changing!

  Quiller. 19:45 17 Oct 2006

Have a look in your bios. Go to power setup management. What is the ACPI standby state. Is it S1 or S3.

  Virtuosity 19:52 17 Oct 2006

Hi [] < ---- door. It is set to S1.

  Quiller. 20:01 17 Oct 2006

Might be worth trying S3.

  Fingees 21:03 17 Oct 2006

Every PC I have used has kept the power supply on when in standby.

I can't understand how it would know how to wake up, if you set it to come out of standby when you did a particular thing, like click the mouse, or receive an Email.

Are you sure when you set it, it actually went into standby, and not switch off?

If it did, then I've learned something, but still don't understand it.

All the best.

  Virtuosity 21:28 17 Oct 2006

Thanks very much [] < ---- door, changing it to S3 did it, nice an quite again :) I didn't realise it but obviously my other board was also set to S3.
Hi Fingees, I choose Standby from the shut down menu and it all goes off. Pressing on button brings everything back to life as you left it.

  Quiller. 21:31 17 Oct 2006

Enjoy the peace and quiet. :)

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