pc goes black screen no respond

  surfmonkey #:@}© 01:04 29 Apr 2006

I have a problem on pc i have installed a game dod source when it first started i got the error message saying my graphics drivers are not recomended for the game so i updated them to the most recent for my geforce 440 card all was ok for a couple of days now when i try to play the game it starts them about 10 minutes into the multiplayer game the screen goes black ant the pc dont respond till i reboot its also started to happen on other game such as call of duty where it never happened before, run virus/mailware/adware scanner nothing unusal there cleaned out dust from pc and fans all running ok all hardware seated furmly anc correct . i have also tryed about 5 diferent driver versions. any one got any ideas.

  remind 01:09 29 Apr 2006

A 440 card will struggle to run Day Of Defeat (I presume) at the best of times. It could be down to that.

  phono 01:13 29 Apr 2006

Does this only happen when playing games? It is possibly a heat related problem, how many fans have you got fitted to your case? not including PSU and heatsink, does your video card have a fan fitted? is it working?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 01:24 29 Apr 2006

i have two fans on the rear of case no the video card has no fan it only happens on games i played day of defeat and call of duty in the past for hours it never happened then it only occured after installing dod sourse

  ICF 07:13 29 Apr 2006

Is there a update patch for the game?

  Harpur 07:57 29 Apr 2006

i would have thought the 440 would struggle to play these games and i would look to change the card

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:13 29 Apr 2006

any ideas on a cheap replacement

  ScarFace(M.O.D) 14:29 29 Apr 2006

no such thing as a cheap replacement but if you want to find the best for cheap id say ebay, but u gotta mak sure if u do upgrade that your graphics card is compatible then get the drivers if they dont cum with it

  Harpur 19:28 29 Apr 2006

take a look at click here there are plenty of modern cards in the agp format that will be more than ample for your needs. go for the dearedt you can afford.

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