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  sissie590 14:27 16 Nov 2008

Hi, I'm looking for Roll Playing PC Games where I can change settings to play mostly with the mouse button like Thief or the older UltimaX games for example walk, strike, pick up or drop Items. I bought so many PC Games but most of them all are playable with the keyboard. I would really appreciate if some one could help.

  crosstrainer 15:45 16 Nov 2008

You may have had more replies if you had posted this in the games section, and perhaps you could ask the FE to move it over there for you.

In the meantime:

click here

click here

Some info that may help....If you get a gaming mouse, you can do away with the keyboard altogether, many on the gaming forum play this way, although I have not tried it myself.

  rdave13 16:00 16 Nov 2008

There's this freebie, Broken Sword 2.5 . Scroll down to it. click here

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