PC game behaving oddly.

  bamfiesler 21:38 27 Jun 2004

Make this short. Reisntalled Half Life recently, as I'd always liked the game. This time, it's a nightmare to control: the mouse is really jerky and erratic, and when walking/running forward, the first person view seems to slide forward AFTER I've stopped moving.

So annoying I've stopped playing the game.No changes in hardware.

Any ideas?

  safemode 21:48 27 Jun 2004

disable any background progs if same then check device manager for any conflicts if none then...

uninstall game, install latest directx, sound and graphics drivers then reinstall game.

is it the same with any other game or app?

  bamfiesler 22:19 27 Jun 2004


No other games, other than a demo of HL- Opposing Force, which kickstarted me into playing HL again. All other apps r fine.

Will do as u suggest and post back tomorrow.

Thanks for your assistance;-)


  Totally-braindead 22:24 27 Jun 2004

You haven't upgraded to XP from something older since the last time you played it have you?

  bamfiesler 22:31 27 Jun 2004

Naah. only thing new on the system is eMule p2p network, but that doesn't always run.

  hugh-265156 00:35 28 Jun 2004

if you just reinstalled it and its an original version of HL then there will be a lot of updates to get for it. click here

  bamfiesler 08:51 28 Jun 2004

I've just bought Generations from play.com, so will wait an see what happens with that. I've unistalled HL and found some other folders relating to it.

Thanks, anyway, to all who responded.

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