pc freezing whilst playing music

  power-up 14:22 06 Dec 2005

i recently upgraged my pc (new graphics card GRFORCE fx 5200 and a firewire card). the problem is that when i play music the pc freezes - the only way out is by restarting. theres no error message in the error log.

the pc has only frozen whilst im playing music, i have all the latest drivers and pc is on windows xp........

anyone have any suggestions to solve the problem?

  VideoSentry 15:11 09 Dec 2005

Are you playing music from a CD or recorded on the hard disc?

  gudgulf 15:31 09 Dec 2005

Are you using a seperate sound card or "onboard sound"?

If you have a seperate card which pci slot is it in?

If it is in the slot immediately below the graphics card this can cause IRQ conflicts.....this might also apply to the firewire card.Try using a different pci slot.

  power-up 20:50 17 Dec 2005

the sound is an onboard soundcard, the music i tend to play is on the hard-drive.

ive just reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything....the pc froze while i was playing an online game - there was sound playing from the game

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