pc freezing and not responding...

  athenrye 13:06 07 Nov 2012

i have a 4 year old dell pc which has been factory reset, and then upgraded from vista to windows 8, it wasn't running the best prior to the upgrade...

its been great now for a couple of weeks but the last few days at least once a day its frozen and wont respond, I have to press the main button and reset

i've seen it happen, the screen goes all wavy coloured psycodelic lines for a second and then it freezes, then black blank screens, it then seems to go hibernation like, wont respond to any keys or commands, this has happened after startup and after its been running a while so I don't think its heat

I know its difficult to diagnose, but is it likely to be Ram or Graphics card, or what else in you opinion?

  spiderlegz 13:22 07 Nov 2012

It certainly sounds like a graphics card issue. Have you double checked your VGA cable isn't loose? Did you have similar graphics issues with Vista? if so, then I would opt for a new graphics card. If no graphics issue occurred with Vista, then I suspect that the graphic card may require an up to date driver to run properly on windows 8 (driver for an older graphics card may not yet be available) or it's possible that your graphic card is not quite powerful enough to run windows 8 (I don't know what the minimum graphic requirement is for W8), best to double check.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 07 Nov 2012

could also be a dying PSU.

  athenrye 13:46 07 Nov 2012

thanks guys, the rest of the time the pc runs great, much faster and responsive than when it ran vista

it did happen a few times when it ran vista, hence the reason for factory reset and upgrade, cost me £25, I was going to buy a new one for £500 so seemed worth a go to try it...

I know these sorts of things are hard to track down...

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