PC Freezing

  rbarnwel 21:35 21 Sep 2008

I have a Zoostorm PC that I bought about 2 years ago running XP. In about the last month it has started "freezing" at anytime from within 1 minute of starting upto about 30 minutes. It happens for no aparent reason and while I am doing anything on the computer. Sometimes I get a "blue screen" but more often its just a freeze.

I took to a PC repair shop who couldn't find the fault but cleaned-up registry.

Can anyone suggest what I could do to trace the fault?

  woodchip 22:23 21 Sep 2008

Check all Fans are working as they Should

  woodchip 22:24 21 Sep 2008

And it no good just saying they are. You need to open the Box, Plus hold your hand at the back top to feel for air coming out

  Procrastinus 12:40 22 Sep 2008

I had a similar problem and was helped by this Forum - it turned out to be a failing motherboard. Look at the capacitors and any bulging on the top or any leakage will pinpoint the trouble.
Good Luck.

  rbarnwel 20:58 22 Sep 2008

I checked the fans and they seem ok, meaning air is coming out. Not sure what is pass/fail, but they seem OK?

Any other things I could try?

  rbarnwel 21:00 22 Sep 2008

Took a good look at the motherboard and couldn't spot anything obvious, but then I am not a computer expert.

What I have found is the PC works without failing in "safe mode". Not sure if this is significant.

  Technotiger 21:10 22 Sep 2008

While in safe mode, have a look in Devices to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks - sounds like a hardware problem somewhere.

  woodchip 22:10 22 Sep 2008

If it works in Safe Mode Graphics drivers are not loaded. So try updating the Drivers for graphics. in Safe it uses Windows Generic drivers. Also in Safe mode some other drivers are not loaded. it could be one of these. In Safe Mode go to Start\Run and type in the box msconfig then press enter. on the General tab Click on Diagnostic Startup. Make a note of the setting on that page before restarting the PC then see if it keeps running

  rbarnwel 23:00 22 Sep 2008

I took a look in the System Event Viewer and can see the "Blue Screen" event:

Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000004, parameter2 8054d5f0, parameter3 b2000000, parameter4 00070f0f.

Just before this I get a RemoteAccess error event:

Unable to add the interface {C678624A-FAEA-4568-B7B9-A10668C3A52F} with the Router Manager for the IP protocol. The following error occurred: Cannot complete this function.

This RemoteAccess error seem to show each time the PC freezes. Looks like a possible cause? Any idea what this is and how it can be fixed?

Thanks for help so far, this is a great forum!

  Technotiger 23:11 22 Sep 2008

In your Network Connections, disable the 1394 connection, then see if PC still freezes.

  citadel 23:14 22 Sep 2008

I would say it's the psu. it can run ok till there is a fluctuation in the power that freezes the pc.

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