PC Freezing

  Fleecey 11:15 16 Jul 2007

Hello All, over the last 6 weeks my PC has developed an annoying habit of freezing at Random intervals requiring a complete re-boot. It could be after 2 minutes of switching on or thirty but in this period it hasnt lasted much beyond an hour. To save wasting everybody's time i have read through all of the forum entry's on similar threads posted and then checked all realated help, memtest (fine), Virus/ spyware test (fine), restored to previous version of windows in case of windows update problems, temp check which the maximum it has been was after the long, long mem test with the bios reporting the CPU temp at 61 degree's but have come to the conclusion the most likely issue is the PSU, is there anywhere of confirming this has gone faulty without replacing it (or any other suggestions for things i should check)?

Thanks for the help :-)

  Fleecey 11:27 16 Jul 2007

Yes it was still freezing in safe mode when i was just trying to check through anything obvious i may have missed.....

  citadel 19:34 16 Jul 2007

if there are no error messages from windows it is probably the psu. you could take the opportunity to get a new decent psu with 80% + efficiency that are out now. the psu's that come with the pc are often cheap noisy inefficient ones.

  Fleecey 09:03 18 Jul 2007

Thanks Citadel i know PSU's are not expensive now but any recomendations over what to choose?

Marg7 i did wonder whether the lack of error messages was caused by it freezing to the point of not actually being able to do anything. I havent added any hardware for about 9 months in which time i have had no problems, software wise nothing special apart from standard windows updates, anti virus and spyware updates , Thanks for the link it will give me a place to check anything i may have missed that i have not done. Did you work out what the problem was in the end for yours?

  Fleecey 12:38 18 Jul 2007

Ah yes i looked through your thread in the early stages and it made me check out my USB devices in particular the broadband modem but it didnt make any difference whether these were plugged in or not.

Yes for random freeze's like this it really is a case of working through so many differnt things to try and narrow it down. I havent tried a fresh install of windows yet as i would normally reserve that to second to last thing to do (the last being a complete format and start again from Scratch) but i just wanted to try and prove whether it was hardware or not as otherwise these steps might not make a difference.

  citadel 14:49 18 Jul 2007

I would get a new psu, enermax liberty is good and has modular cables. even if it turns out to be something else causing the problem you will have a class psu that you can use in your next pc.

  stik man 23:00 16 Dec 2007

what is a psu, and much does one cost ,my pc just been in shop its now worse

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