PC Freezing

  Newuser4424 14:19 05 Dec 2004


I have an intermittent problem with my PC. Every now and again my PC freezes followed by my monitor going onto standby and then a beep from my motherboard. I'm running windows XP AMD2600, 512 RAM.
Thanks, Paul

  bof:) 16:44 05 Dec 2004

Hi Newuser4424,

you need to know what make your BIOS is. This can bee seen when your PC starts up or you can press the 'DEL' button when you startup your pc.

You then need to go and have a look at a website showing 'beep codes'.

click here

Beep codes are numbers of beeps that point you towards where the problem with your pc lies.

1 beep is usual at start up are you getting any others?


  bof:) 16:47 05 Dec 2004

also check your power settings.Start/control panel/power options.... you may have set the monitor to go to stady after a set amount of time.

what exactly are you doing on your pc when the screen freezes? Is it always the same thing ie: gaming: reading web pages? etc


  bof:) 16:49 05 Dec 2004

stady should read standby

  Newuser4424 18:07 05 Dec 2004

When my monitor goes onto standby I can't wake it up. The motherboard beeps once and i have to turn off and on to get it working again.b I'll check out what the beep means. Thanks.

  bof:) 12:05 13 Dec 2004

have you checked the power settings in control panel? If there's a sleep option, turn it off.

Or, is there a sleep option on the monitor itself?


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