PC freezes when playing games

  poet 22:03 18 Jan 2003
  poet 22:03 18 Jan 2003

Jetway KT133 with AMD600, Abit Nvidea ti4200 graphics, WIN98, 800x600 res, optimal refresh rate, 320mb RAM, 4.3+ 20 Gb hard drives
I used to have a Voodoo4 card, but games kept crashing, like Tomb Raider(s), Medal of Honour, Delta Force - so not just EA games, I upped the RAM, it still crashed, changed the graphics card, it still freezes, not at same place each time in game. I've updated the driver for the card, still crashes. My problem seems to be a motherboard fault, Jetway are no help, AMD are no help, I need some serious HELP!! please

  Djohn 22:09 18 Jan 2003

Might be due to CPU temperature, have you checked that it's not getting too hot?

  poet 22:20 18 Jan 2003

Djohn, temp is fine
when running the voodoo4, that was pci, ti4200 is agp

  Djohn 22:24 18 Jan 2003

poet, Don't think I explained myself properly, sorry for that.

I mean have you checked the temperature of your Processor, if this is overheating (and running games will warm it up), then this may be the cause of your problem. J.

  poet 22:27 18 Jan 2003

how do i check temp?? it never feels hot (by hand)


  Djohn 22:35 18 Jan 2003

On my Motherboard there is a sensor to check for temperature, you may have one on yours that is accessed from the BIOS.

Enter the BIOS and have a look, don't worry, you will do no harm and even if you accidentally click on something it won't matter because as you come out of the BIOS click on "exit without saving" that way any changes you have made will be ignored.

  jediknight007 22:51 18 Jan 2003

What is your PSU? You probably need at least 350W for all that stuff you have in your PC.

  poet 20:02 19 Jan 2003

temp reads as 45 degrees c

psu is i think a 250w - +3.3v & +5v max output 130w, all output is extend to 250w - powerwin model
originally my machine was a TIME (read c**p), and the only thing apart from the case i have kept is the psu, SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO is it highly likely that the problem lies there, and if so why??

you guys are helping :::)))

  jediknight007 20:37 19 Jan 2003

It's likely that the PSU is the source of the problems because it might not be able to handle all the components in your PC and when you have too much going on, the PSU doesn't work as well and your PC freezes.

  poet 20:44 19 Jan 2003

should i be looking at a 400w+ psu?? or ??

what is best site for psus and will the wiring connector etc be the same???
regards, poet

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