PC "freezes" on switch on

  themagician 21:34 04 Jun 2005

Win ME. Pentum 111.

Every OTHER time PC is switched on, it starts to boot up, then freezes. The only way to run PC is to switch off, then boot up again. It will boot up O.K. the second time.

Also, if PC is left on for any lenghth of time but not used, it goes into "standby". When I try to use it again, screen is O.K., but everyhing is "Locked up " agin.

  Never again 00:23 05 Jun 2005

do you get any beeps on startup or error messages

  themagician 12:06 05 Jun 2005

No beeps or error messages

  Never again 19:49 05 Jun 2005

Do you get anything on the monitor when you start, and what colour is your monitor light - green, amber or red.

If you feel confident enough take the case off and start your pc. Is the fan over the processor running or not?

  themagician 20:22 05 Jun 2005

Monitor light is green.

Computer stops just before icons appear.

Fan on processor is runnung

  Never again 12:25 06 Jun 2005

It sounds as if windows may be corrupted.

Have you tried to boot into safe mode yet. when you start the pc keep tapping the f8 key and this will give you the option to boot into safe mode.

When you are there then go to system restore (in start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore)and select a restore point when the pc was working ok.

  flavas 14:00 06 Jun 2005

you might have to try clearing up some space on your hard drive by removing some programmes that you are not using .Also after removing the unwanted programs, try defragmenting the computer's hard drive and see if there are any changes.

  citadel 21:00 06 Jun 2005

I had similar problem with freezing, it turned out to be a faulty power supply unit.

  Never again 07:58 08 Jun 2005

did you have any success???

  themagician 22:46 08 Jun 2005

When I try (in safe mode)to restore to a restore point(I've tried 6),it goes through the motions, then on re-boot, a message says "The computer cannot restore to that date.

This happens every time.

  Never again 15:35 11 Jun 2005

Any other ideas anyone?

I thought that it may be to do with the processor overheating.

how about running sfc /scannow in safe mode with your windows xp cd in the drive.

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