PC freezes - need professional help, please

  kartogram 20:12 02 Nov 2009

Hi there. I've got my machine more than a month ago but still hasn't got a chance to properly use it as it's spent more time in warranty repair then home. So let's skip this story and go to details.

My pc:
pentium q9550
asrock n7ad-sli motherboard
4gb memory
gts 250 video card
600w sli psu.

now the problems: since the beginning I had problems with video card. bear in mind original psu was 500w, and it came with the case. It was getting stuck even during windows installation. They swaped it for the current one. Pc works fine as longs as I don't run any video tests. However, sometimes it hangs if I would try to change resolution to the highest or plug two screens. If I run video test, medium one goes all fine, but complex test hangs in like 5-6 seconds. tried to play fifa 10 and could finish a game once, other times it get's stuck at some point during it. if I stress video card a lot (meaning test actually runs longer than usually before freezing on highest video load) I'm strugling to boot windows (vista by the way). After couple of tries it eventually loads.

Any thoughts on what could it be? Is there any way to check as changing video card or psu is quite pricey. Anyway any question are more than welcome, any suggestions and any help is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

  GaT7 20:30 02 Nov 2009

Could be overheating or dodgy drivers.

What are the temps of the card? Use GPU-Z click here & HWMonitor click here to find out.

Did you try other driver versions? Archive is at click here (XP) or click here (Vista). Let me know if you're using 64-bit Windows.

Sometimes the only way to pinpoint such errors is by a process of elimination. Did they (the system builder I'm assuming) try with another working GTS250 graphics card?

What's the PSU make & model? G

  iscanut 20:37 02 Nov 2009

If the machine is only 1 month old, surely it is not fit for purpose and a refund/ replacement should be on the cards rather than all this hassle ?

  kartogram 21:16 02 Nov 2009

ok, I've tried almost all of the driver versions for both, motherboard and graphic cards. Newest ones directly from nvidia are freezing even quicker. So I've installed the original ones from the cds supplied and then installed all of the windows updates.

Current system temperatures:

intel core 2 quad q9550 : core 1 - 47
cores 2,3,4 - 40

gts 250 - 46
samsung hdd - 33

fan - 2445 RPM

+12V - 1.23
AVCC - 3.28
+3.3V - 3.26
VIN1 - 1.67
+5V - 5.21
VIN3 - 1.84


current psu is 600w sli ready (from the last return papers). Looking at the back view and knowings companies profile it's definitely this one:
click here

I'm using windows vista home premium 32bit edition

to iscanut:

I would love to get the money back, but computer has been returned 4 times already, within one month, and that's bringing it back myself without waiting for curier. I know companys speeds, and read so many bad reviews that to my belief, refund would reach me at the best by the middle of next year :(

  Technotiger 21:27 02 Nov 2009

If bought from a legit source, I would most definitely return it as 'Not fit for purpose' and demand a refund or replacement.

I would also say, that you will inform Trading Standards if necessary - and ACTUALLY DO SO!

  kartogram 21:42 02 Nov 2009

well guys, I think one visit to that shop would open your eyes :) In order to get a refund, according to ts and cs, I have to send the unit back. Then they will test it, and if no fault found, i'll be charged £45.00 for their time.
1st return - processor and video card changed.
report - fully tested for more than 8 hours with no errors whatsoever.

outcome - brough it home, switched on, turned on vista aero, got frozen.

2nd return - nothing changed, tests ran for more than a week, no errors.

outcome - their used video test ran, frozen in a middle of it.

3rd return - advised to check psu as possible reason for bad performance.
report - psu upgraded to 600w sli ready one, performance increased, however, it did freeze while testing. After scan found 500 file incompatibility errors so on fresh windows installation it will probably work (that's official report by the way)

outcome - no, it doesn't. it does perform better, but still can't pass any tests.

PLUS ts and cs states that if pc returned for repair, parts used may be refurbished, used or similar!!!

honestly, I just need it working and am ready to invest extra money if needed in order to change what's not working.

Please advise of any possible solution related to hardware.

  peter99co 21:56 02 Nov 2009

Send it back and demand a refund and go to another supplier.

  Pamy 22:21 02 Nov 2009

1) Take it back to the person/shop you bought from.
2) have them connect it up, and you show them the problems.

  kartogram 22:26 02 Nov 2009

Pamy, I've tried that to no avail. Last time I was giving it back, I've got fresh vista copy installed with the newest drivers and 6 video tests. Wrote the whole page of problems and test I've performed + test they have to perform before giving it back to me. Did not work. I called them and said i will bring usb with tests and we'll try before leaving the shop. What they've done is wiping whole hdd and left it empty so I could not do it.

It's 1,5 hours drive away from me and I've already been four times so soon fuel cost will increase to the price of new parts. I've just lost my patiente and nerves so want to fix it myself and forget about that company.

  Pamy 22:28 02 Nov 2009

I ment you do it there in front of them, you do not leave it with them

  Technotiger 22:32 02 Nov 2009

I would not let them get away with what appears to be absolutely atrocious conduct - from your last input, it would also appear that they have robbed you of your OS -empty hdd??

I would send a detailed report to your local Trading Standards office, with a copy to that so-called PC Dealer.

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