PC freezes on boot up

  astral traveller 17:01 28 Mar 2006

I was infected by spyfalcon a few weeks ago and I think I've sorted it using eido and smitrem. But I am having problems at the minute - my PC keeps freezing as windows (XP) is loading - it freezes on the windows logo. I can boot okay in safe mode only. This happened a couple of weeks ago coincidently? while I was infected with spyfalcon but it seemed to sort itself out - don't know how, but now the problem has come back, there is no sign of spyfalcon. I'm thinking of reinstalling windows but maybe that's a bit drastic?

  surfmonkey #:@} 17:14 28 Mar 2006

you could try type in run box
sfc /scannow
make sure thre is a space between sfc and / it will check for corupt files in windows

  micklemouse 17:19 28 Mar 2006
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 28 Mar 2006

SpyFalcon Removal
click here

  astral traveller 18:14 28 Mar 2006

Smurfmonkey, I tried sfc /scannow in the run box a window flashed up very quickly and dissapeared before I could see what it was, nothing else happened!
Micklemouse and fruitbat: I have previously run these spyfalcon removal programs and they seem to have worked, but I think the freeze up problem is a seperate one.

  astral traveller 12:04 29 Mar 2006

I have discovered that if I leave the pc switched off overnight that it boots up okay the next morning - only leaving off for an hour or so and it still freezes - does this suggest anything to anyone?

  astral traveller 08:15 01 Apr 2006


  woodchip 08:49 01 Apr 2006

I would think this is a driver problem, try starting in safe mode keep tapping f8 as computer is starting, safe mode top of list. In safe mode go to run type MSCONFIG press enter go to Genaral Tab, tick Diagnostic Startup. Try Restarting

  Diemmess 08:56 01 Apr 2006

Coincidence (during troubles with Spyfalcon)you suggested?

I think you are correct, forget that software and look for a possible hardware problem.

The only difference between overnight and a shorter interval is that overnight will allow the whole works to cool to room temperature.

That still doesn't point the finger at any one bit of hardware, but the videocard or the video integrated section of the mobo is a strong contender for the source of the trouble.

Snag is that something is at the edge of tolerance and even slight warming up may be the point at which it screws up the boot process.

The fact that you can reach safe mode is only partly helpful because many drivers are not loaded at that stage.

Have you tinkered with any hardware? RAM or video?
I hope this wakes up this thread again.

  astral traveller 08:56 01 Apr 2006

Thanks, will try this tomorrow - everything is running okay this morning and I don't want to reboot and possibly have problems today as pc needed. Any idea why it seems fine after being switched off overnight?

  woodchip 09:00 01 Apr 2006

It's cleared the Memory, and had chance to cool down. Sometimes that's all they need

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