PC Freezes after 5 minutes

  1248fixx 15:21 28 Feb 2011

My Brother-in-Law's PC started completely freezing on him about a year ago. It's about 3 or 4 years old (XP). I had a look and on a boot up screen it was showing just 128 Mb of RAM! Assuming faulty RAM ( he had 2 x 512 Mb sticks), we replaced them with 2 x 1 Gb sticks. We waited with baited breath on re-booting, but nothing changed, and the was still showing 128 Mb as before. But if you look within system details it DOES show 2 Gb of RAM! Any ideas would be great... Let me clarify that the PC does NOT turn itself off, but simply 'freezes' and forces a manual reboot each time.

many thanks


  1248fixx 15:23 28 Feb 2011

Sorry, I should add that I also thought of the CPU overheating and gave it a good clean ( wasn't too dirty though to be honest)

  kidsis 15:36 28 Feb 2011

can you start the pc in safe mode? can you get in to BIOS.

  The PC Cure 15:38 28 Feb 2011

This could quite honestly be anything, if this was a customers PC, the first thing i would check is the running procceses. Make sure that there isn't one consuming all the PC resources. (Task manager).

You say the the heatsink wasn't too dirty, have you tried to re-apply any heatsink gel, it can become hardend and not work properly?

Not displaying the installed ram is strange. Have you checked the motherboard manufacteres website to ensure what you are installing is supported and the max ammount of supported ram?

Also are you running 32-bit os or 64-bit and do you have a graphics card installed? 32bit os can only support 4gb of ram, hence if you have a uber card this may be your prob.

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  1248fixx 15:49 28 Feb 2011

Can use Safe Mode but what would I look for in the BIOS exactly please? I'm not that technically proficient!

  1248fixx 15:50 28 Feb 2011

Can't run a virus check as it doesn't stay on long enough......

  1248fixx 16:02 28 Feb 2011


  birdface 16:15 28 Feb 2011

Looks like spam you are not allowed to advertise on here.
Also no security clearance from WOT so best staying away from the click here.

  1248fixx 16:21 28 Feb 2011

The PC Cure - sorry, didn't understand the 2nd bit?

  961 16:50 28 Feb 2011

If you can get into the BIOS you'll be able to check the temperatures of the CPU and the system together with the fan speeds which will confirm if these are running correctly to dissipate heat

How did you confirm that the new ram was correct for the machine?

  1248fixx 16:52 28 Feb 2011

961- I simply took the old RAM to PC World

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